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Committees and roles

The ANZCA Council is assisted in achieving its objectives by several committees. Following the ANZCA Annual General Meeting each year, the Council confirms the appointment of office bearers, committee chairs and membership nominations.

The ANZCA Council has developed terms of reference for the committees and individual roles that report to it.


Committees of ANZCA Council


Other committees and sub-committees (committee to which it reports is in brackets)


Tripartite/multi-party committees


Networks (committee to which it reports is in brackets)


Working groups (committee to which it reports is in brackets)

Corporate office groups (person to whom it reports is in brackets)


Regional and national committees

ANZCA’s national and regional committees also play a role in implementing the directives of the council by setting strategy; reviewing and approving the annual budget; managing risk; cultivating and maintaining the highest principles and standards of practice of anaesthesia, intensive care and pain medicine; and promoting the science and practice of anaesthesia, intensive care and pain medicine.


Click here to visit the websites of the regional and national committees for ANZCA and the Faculty of Pain Medicine.


ANZCA representatives on external organisations

Many Fellows and councillors represent the College on the boards, committees and working groups of external organisations.  The main bodies and their representatives can be found here.


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