NSW course descriptions


Part 0 - An Induction to Anaesthesia

The course is aimed for new trainees, those contemplating anaesthetic training, just registered with ANZCA and those interested in trainee issues. Family and friends are also welcome to come. Topics covered in this include some introductory background to the function of the College, professionalism, how to get help if required, as well as educational aspects relating to study skills and approach to exams. A number of supervisors of training and heads of department will be in attendance.


A Saturday afternoon program held once a year. Only open to NSW trainees.

Venue: Auditorium, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney



Primary Refresher Course in Anaesthesia

This course aims to assist trainees prepare to sit the primary examination


This full-time course is run largely on a seminar-tutorial basis with short-answer questions and trial vivas, commencing at 8.00am and continuing until approximately 5.30pm.


Held twice each year - May and October

Venue: Kerry Packer Education Centre, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney



Final (Part II) courses

These courses aim to assist trainees prepare to sit the final examination


Part II Refresher Course in Anaesthesia

This full-time course includes seminars, panel sessions and demonstrations, lectures and a series of informal tutorials and trial exam questions. The course runs from 9.00am – 6.00pm daily and concludes on the final day with 'hands on' anatomy demonstrations on upper limb, lower limb, spine, eyes and limb.


Held once a year - February

Venue: Kerry Packer Education Centre or Auditorium, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney

Anatomy Demonstrations to be conducted in the Department of Anatomy & Histology,

University of Sydney



Part II Short Course at Westmead Hospital

This full time course is for registrars sitting for their FANZCA examination only.

Emphasis is placed upon practical interactive teaching, examination technique, practice with short-answer questions and vivas.


Held once a year - June/July

Venue: Westmead Hospital, Sydney

Contact: Dr Susmita Bhattacharya / Dr Michelle Lye
Email: westmeadshortcourse@gmail.com

Tele: +61 2 9845 6447


Final trial vivas

A series of trial vivas held for registrars sitting for the next final examination.


Held twice each year. Only open for NSW trainees

Evening sessions commencing at approximately 6.30pm

Venue: Rotated through Sydney metropolitan teaching hospitals


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