New Zealand committees

Both ANZCA and FPM have New Zealand national committees which represent them in their dealings with New Zealand government and non-government agencies, such as the Ministry of Health, Health Workforce New Zealand, Medical Council of New Zealand and Health Quality and Safety Commission.

National committees

ANZCA New Zealand National Committee (NZNC)
NZNC represents ANZCA at the national level in New Zealand, dealing with government bodies, regulatory authorities and other medical colleges. It also advises the ANZCA Council on New Zealand issues. 

Faculty of Pain Medicine New Zealand National Committee (FPM NZNC)
FPM NZNC represents the Faculty of Pain Medicine at the national level in New Zealand and advises the FPM Board on New Zealand issues. 

Other committees

The New Zealand national committees and ANZCA Council are also advised by the following New Zealand committees: 

New Zealand Trainee Committee (NZTC)

NZTC advises the ANZCA NZNC and the ANZCA Council, via the ANZCA Trainee Committee, about training matters in New Zealand. 

Education Sub-Committee New Zealand (ESC NZ)
ESC NZ advises the ANZCA NZNC on training issues raised by its membership of supervisors of training and rotational supervisors.

Aotearoa New Zealand Anaesthesia Education Committee (NZAEC)
ANZAEC is a joint committee of the ANZCA NZNC and the NZ Society of Anaesthetists. It co-ordinates and promotes educational activities for anaesthetists in New Zealand.


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