FPM NZ National Committee

ANZCA's Faculty of Pain Medicine has a New Zealand National Committee (FPM NZNC) to handle matters in New Zealand on its behalf, particularly those relating to the registration of pain medicine specialists with the Medical Council of New Zealand, which recognised pain medicine as a vocational scope of practice in New Zealand in 2013. 

The committee's terms of reference are available here.


2017-19 FPM NZ National Committee members





Professor Ted Shipton Burwood Chair
Dr Tipu Aamir  Auckland Deputy Chair
Dr Kieran Davis  Auckland Elected member
Dr Paul Vroegop Auckland Appointed member
Dr Duncan Wood Auckland Appointed member
Dr Chris Rumball Christchurch New Fellows Representative

2017 meetings 

  • Wednesday, March 1 - Nelson (joint meeting with the NZ Pain Society in the afternoon)
  • Friday, June 30 - Wellington
  • Monday, October 16 - Teleconference

Annual general meeting and annual report

The 2017 annual general meeting for FPM NZ Fellows was held in Nelson on Thursday, March 2, 2017. See here for the FPM NZNC report to December 31, 2016.



To contact the FPM NZNC, email fpm@anzca.org.nz

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