NZ National Committee

The New Zealand National Committee (NZNC) is responsible for activities similar to those of the Australian regional committees but also represents the college in dealing with national agencies such as the Ministry of Health and the Medical Council of New Zealand. In this respect, some of its functions mirror those of the ANZCA Council in Melbourne.

The committee advises the ANZCA Council on New Zealand issues, convenes continuing medical education events for Fellows, runs examination preparation courses for trainees and provides a forum for liaison between training hospitals and the college.


In all of its activities, the committee’s guiding principle remains the college’s mission statement: "to serve the community by fostering safety and high quality patient care in anaesthesia, perioperative medicine and pain medicine". Because the community that the NZNC serves is the New Zealand public, college policy occasionally has to be interpreted to best meet the needs of New Zealand. In most cases, the aims of the committee are identical to those of the college in Australia.


(From front: left to right by row) Dr Jennifer Woods (chair), Dr Sally Ure (deputy chair), Dr Jonathan Panckhurst (NZTC chair), Dr Vanessa Beavis (councillor), Dr Rachel Dempsey, Dr Jennifer Taylor (Education officer), Dr Hamish Gray, Professor Ted Shipton (FPM NZNC chair), Dr Tom Fernandez, Dr Leinani Aiono-Le Tagaloa), Dr Nigel Robertson (councillor), Dr Rob Fry (Safety and Quality officer), Dr Geoff Laney, Dr Ralph Fuchs, Dr Kerry Gunn. (Missing – Dr Chris Harrison (chair of the NZ Vocational Registration Panel), Dr Courtney Thomas (new fellow representative) and Dr Lisa Horrell (Accreditation officer)).


There are four major areas in which the NZNC pursues its goals:

  • Promotion of the standards that the college sets for practice in anaesthesia and pain medicine, the aims of which are to offer the public care to a standard equal to that anywhere in the world.

  • Training supported through teaching programmes in hospitals throughout New Zealand.The hospitals are inspected regularly to ensure their facilities and staff are able to provide safe, comprehensive clinical experience and theoretical teaching. On behalf of the NZNC, some centres run pre-examination courses for the primary and final examinations. In addition, the committee contributes advice and teaching to the training programmes for anaesthesia assistants. 

  • Continuing medical education is provided for all practitioners with the principal aim of maintaining specialist skills. Most of these activities are co-ordinated by the NZ Anaesthesia Education Committee (NZAEC), an educational initiative supported jointly by the NZNC and the New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists. Through its continuing professional development program, ANZCA encourages involvement in continuing medical education and audit.

  • In advising national agencies, the NZNC aims to ensure that quality anaesthesia and pain medicine are provided safely to the public.

The NZNC's work and objectives are supported by seven full or part-time staff working in the New Zealand National Office in Wellington.


Terms of reference

The ANZCA Council has developed terms of reference for the committees that report to it, including the NZNC. The aim is to streamline both council and committee work by clarifying the purpose of and arrangements for committees, particularly to define which functions are delegated to committees (and reported through to council) and which require council approval. The terms of reference include standardised definitions of a quorum, voting rules and that electronic decisions should be recorded in the minutes of the next meeting.


2018-2020 ANZCA NZ National Committee members 

Name Title
Dr Jennifer Woods Chair
Dr Sally Ure Deputy Chair

Deputy Education Officer

Representative to College of Intensive Care Medicine

Dr Rachel Dempsey Elected member
NZNC representative to NZ Anaesthetic Technicians' Society
Dr Chris Harrison Elected member
Chair of the NZ Vocational Registration Panel
Dr Jennifer Taylor  Elected member
Education Officer
Dr Ralph Fuchs Elected member
Dr Geoff Laney Elected member
Dr Leinani Aiono-Le Tagaloa  Elected member
Dr Tom Fernandez Elected member
NZNC representative on NZ Anaesthesia Education Commmittee
Dr Hamish Gray Elected member (stood down in May, 2019)
Dr Duncan Watts Co opted May 2019
Dr Vanessa Beavis Ex-officio, ANZCA Councillor
Dr Nigel Robertson Ex-officio, ANZCA Councillor
Dr Courtney Thomas New fellow representative
Dr Leesa Morton Co-opted representative, Chair, NZ Trainee Committee
Dr Tipu Aamir  Co-opted representative, Faculty of Pain Medicine NZNC Chair
Dr Lisa Horrell  Co-opted representative, Accreditation Officer
Dr  Kathryn Hagen Co-opted observer, President, NZ Society of Anaesthetists
Dr Jonathan Casement Co-opted observer, Chair, College of Intensive Care Medicine's NZNC
Dr Vaughan Laurenson In attendance, ANZCA Director of Professional Affairs (Deputy Assessor)
Dr Leona Wilson In attendance, ANZCA Executive Director of Professional Affairs

2020 meeting dates

  • Friday 27 March (Wellington)
  • Friday 26 June (Wellington)
  • Tuesday November 17 (Waitangi) 

Annual report

The annual report of the ANZCA New Zealand National Committee for the year ending December 31, 2018 is available here.



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