NZ Trainee Committee

The New Zealand Trainee Committee (NZTC) advises the NZNC and the ANZCA Council, via the ANZCA Trainee Committee, about training matters in New Zealand that may concern the College.

The NZTC also considers matters that may be referred to them by the council. The NZTC meets by teleconference or in person about four times a year.

  • For information about ANZCA training in New Zealand, see here.
  • For further information about the NZTC see here.

2019 NZ Trainee Committee members 




Dr Helen Abbott Christchurch (co-opted)  
Dr Caroline Ariaens Waikato Co-opted
Dr Lisa Barneto Palmerston North Deputy Chair
Dr Jacky Chan Hawke's Bay (co-opted)  
Dr Sharna Chandrasekharan Waikato (co-opted)  
Dr Julius Dale-Gandar Middlemore  
Dr Mehreen Farrow Christchurch
Dr Jason Goh North Shore
Dr Stephen Manning Christchurch  
Dr Leesa Morton Christchurch Chair
Dr Michael Ng NZSA Representative  
Dr Elizabeth Robinson Auckland  
Dr Samuel Perrin Auckland  
Dr Michael Webb Auckland  
Dr Nicole Vogts NZSA Representative  


2019 meeting dates

  • November 22 - face-to-face meeting in Wellington


To contact the New Zealand Trainee Committee, email

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