Queensland committee members

The Queensland Regional Committee is an elected body that acts as a conduit between Fellows and trainees in the Queensland region and the ANZCA Council to which they report. 

Council has developed terms of reference for the committees that report to it. The aim is to streamline both council and committee work by clarifying the purpose of and arrangements for committees, particularly to define which functions are delegated to committees (and reported through to council) and which require council approval. The terms of reference includes standardised definitions of a quorum, voting rules and that electronic decisions should be recorded in the minutes of the next meeting.



Queensland Regional Committee (QRC)


Name Position
Dr Dale Kerr Elected Member
Dr Christopher Stonell Elected Member
Dr Ralf Brachold Elected Member
Dr Robert Elliott Elected Member (Education Officer)
Dr Paul Lee-Archer Elected Member (Scholar Role)
Dr Hau Tan Elected Member
Associate Professor Kerstin Wyssusek Elected Member
Dr Shannon Morrison Elected Member
Dr Sarah Bowman Elected Member
Associate Professor Victoria Eley Elected Member
Dr Usha Gurunathan Elected Member
Dr Mark Young Ex-officio Councillor Member
Dr Sean McManus Ex-officio Councillor Member
Dr Edward Pilling Co-opted Member (CME Representative)
Dr Joann Rotherham Co-opted Member (FPM Representative)
Dr Roslyn Shaw Co-opted Member
Dr Hannah Bellwood Co-opted Member (QTC Representative)
Dr Larissa Cowley Co-opted Member (QTC Representative)
Ms Camille Smith Regional Manager
Ms Iesha Iselin Committee Support Officer


Queensland Trainee Committee (QTC)



Dr Hannah Bellwood Co-chair
Dr Larissa Cowley Co-chair
Dr Joseph Bauer Elected member
Dr Siobhan Lane Elected member
Dr Joyce Leung Elected member
Dr Alyce McKenzie Elected member
Dr Louven Menzies Elected member
Dr Sofia Padhy Elected member
Dr Romitha Ranasinghe Elected member
Dr Anna Shirley Elected member
Dr Joel Thomas Elected member
Dr Sophie Turner Co-opted member
Dr Robert Burnett Co-opted member
Dr Robert Elliott Education Officer
Dr Suzanne Bertrand Deputy Education Officer
Dr Dale Kerr QRC Chair
Ms Camille Smith Regional Manager
Mr Karan Shah Committee Support Officer


Queensland ACE CME Committee

Name Position
Dr Edward Pilling Chair
Dr Steven Cook Member (ASA Representative)
Dr Phil Lee Member
Dr Leanne Ryan Member
Dr Bernadette Burke Member
Dr Sarah Bowman Member
Dr Raman Singh Member
Dr Galina Gaidamaka Member
Ms Camille Smith Regional Manager
Ms Julie Donovan Committee Support Officer

Faculty of Pain Medicine Queensland Regional Committee


Name Position
Dr Joann Rotherham Elected Member
Dr Matthew Bryant Elected Member
Dr Joseph Kluver Elected Member
Dr Benjamin Manion Elected Member
Dr Gunjeet Minhas Elected Member
Dr Kylie Hall Ex-officio
Dr Newman Harris Ex-officio
Ms Camille Smith Regional Manager
Ms Julie Donovan Committee Support Officer


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