SANT rotational training scheme

The scheme is administered by the rotational supervisors under advisement from the directors and the SA and NT Regional Committee of ANZCA. Recommendations are made to the directors of departments within the scheme who make the appointments and employ the trainees. The rotational supervisors only deal with trainees who are accepted on to the SA and NT Rotational Anaesthesia Training Scheme.


The scheme involves rotation through a number of metropolitan hospitals in South Australia and the Northern Territory. Trainees are expected to accept the rotations they are offered. Where there are exceptional circumstances that would prevent a particular rotation at a particular time, written requests should be sent to the rotational supervisor well before appointments are made.

Trainees who complete their training in the SA & NT Rotational Anaesthesia Training Scheme will be assured access to all training requirements within their four years of training.  Progression through this rotation depends on the successful completion of the primary examination by the end of the second year of basic training.  Failure to do so will result in failure to be reappointed to the rotational training scheme.  Trainees joining the scheme midway through training from interstate or overseas do not have the same assurance but will be offered appropriate rotations wherever possible.

Hospitals included in the scheme are: Flinders Medical Centre, Lyell McEwin Health Service, Modbury Public Hospital, Repatriation General Hospital, Royal Adelaide Hospital, Royal Darwin Hospital, Alice Springs Hospital, Mount Gambier Hospital, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Reappointment to a training position is not automatic and trainees on the South Australia and Northern Territory Training Scheme need to re-apply each year in order to continue their training. Reappointment requires demonstration of satisfactory performance in the previous year.


Applications for new, rejoining and transferring applicants 

Hospital Employment Year Intake - Commencing February 2018

Applications Opening date Closing date Contact

SANTRATS 2018 HEY intake for February 2018 will be available via the SA Health Careers website on Friday July 14, 72018. Click on 'Search our jobs' then enter job number 627790 in the job search box.

For any queries, contact the
eRecruitment Helpline 1300 882 992 (open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).


Friday July 14, 2017






Sunday July 30, 2017


Teresa Camerelli or Michelle Gully 

SA/NT regional office
+61 8 8239 2822



Applications for Continuing Trainees for 2018

Hospital Year Intake, Commencing February 2018

Applications Opening date Closing date Contact

Applications for trainees continuing on SANTRATS for the hospital year 2018 will be distributed by email to Trainees currently on SANTRATS from August 2017 (to be confirmed).


All trainees currently on SANTRATS MUST REAPPLY by completing the reapplication form. This includes those newly appointed to the training scheme at midyear and those on an authorised leave of absence.




Aug 2017 (TBC)








Sept 2017 (TBC)


Teresa Camerelli or Michelle Gully 

SA/NT regional office
+61 8 8239 2822



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