Tasmanian training

Tasmanian Anaesthetics Training Program (TATP)

The TATP is a comprehensive anaesthetic training program that offers training at all three Tasmanian Health Service (THS) hospitals including the Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH), the Launceston General Hospital (LGH), and the North West Regional Hospital (NWRH).

The TATP is an established anaesthetic training program with consistently strong academic results, high quality training and trainee satisfaction. It offers many advantages:

  • Comprehensive weekly education program for all trainees including a fortnightly state-wide primary teaching session which all basic trainees attend via videoconference.

  • Excellent recent examination results including Cecil Grey prize winners in the fellowship examination in 2012 and 2016 and Renton prize winners in the primary examination in 2014, 2015 and 2017.

  • Growing culture of research and clinical audit.

  • Identification of trainees with a rural interest and development of rural anaesthesia training.

The annual recruitment for TATP will be advertised at the ANZCA jobs website and at the THS jobs website.


Opportunities for RMOs to gain anaesthetic experience in Tasmania

The Royal Hobart Hospital and the Launceston General Hospital also offer resident medical officer anaesthetic terms of up to six months for post graduate year three or higher senior RMOs, or three months for post graduate year two RMOs. These positions are organised through each hospital's own annual junior doctor recruitment with information available at the THS jobs website.


Provisional Fellowships in Tasmania

Pre-approved provisional fellowship positions are available at the Royal Hobart Hospital and The Launceston General Hospital. These jobs are advertised during the TATP annual recruitment. In addition, provisional fellowship positions can be considered in specific areas of clinical interest, provided they meet ANZCA guidelines. Provisional fellowship in Tasmania is a great generalist position but there are many opportunities to pursue specific interests, including cardiac anaesthesia, global outreach and pain medicine.


Trainee Education

Interstate trainees are welcome to attend Tasmanian run trainee days. A trainee day is run annually in conjunction with the Tasmanian annual scientific meeting. A trauma trainee day and pain trainee day are also held throughout the year. Please email tas@anzca.edu.au for more information about attending these trainee events. 

IRTP Position – Anaesthesia Rural Training Pathway in Tasmania

The TATP is proud to advertise a rural training pathway in anaesthesia in Tasmania. This is a five year training pathway with a defined rotation. The funding is attached to the position and is ongoing for five years. There are mutual requirements for successful progression and the trainee needs to meet all their ANZCA training requirements, including examinations, VOP, clinical experience and WBA requirements.

The TATP rural training pathway offers a comprehensive regional training pathway from BTY1 to PFY that includes all FANZCA training requirements and a specific focus on the skills, knowledge and attributes for successful regional specialist practice. It includes basic training at Launceston General Hospital, advanced training at Royal Hobart Hospital and a provisional fellowship at Launceston General Hospital.

For the successful applicant this training pathway provides high quality local training with strong links to the tertiary centre and a provisional fellowship in the regional centre.  It is a fantastic opportunity to develop the necessary skills, knowledge, experience, connections and support for successful specialist practice in a regional centre. 

If you are interested in this position click here to apply (position number 512828). Please make specific reference to the TATP IRTP Rural Training Pathway in your application.

Information for 2020 trainee events





Foundation Day

Friday February 14


Part Zero Course

Saturday February15

Mantra Charles Hotel, 287 Charles Street, Launceston

For further details please refer to the program

Annual Trainee Day

Friday February 28

Hadley's Orient Hotel, 34 Murray Street, Hobart

Acute Pain Day

Friday April 3


Trauma Teaching Day

Friday November 6


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