Terms of reference


Committees of council


ANZCA Executive Committee


ANZCA Research Foundation Committee


Australian regional committees


Education Executive Management Committee


Finance, Audit and Risk Management Committee


New Zealand National Committee


Professional Affairs Executive Committee


Research Committee

Safety and Quality Committee


Sub-committees and/or other committees

Anaesthesia Research Coordinators Networks Subcommittee

Anaesthetic Allergy Sub-Committee


ANZCA Clinical Trials Network Executive

ANZCA Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Subcommittee

ANZCA Educators Subcommittee

ANZCA International Liaison Group

ANZCA Trainee Committee


Continuing Professional Development Committee


Education Development and Evaluation Committee


Effective Management of Anaesthetic Crises (EMAC) Course Sub-Committee

Emerging Investigators Subcommittee


Final Examination Subcommittee


Indigenous Health Committee

International Liaison Group

Investment Subcommittee

Mortality Sub-Committee


Overseas Aid Committee


Primary Examination Sub-Committee


Provisional Fellowship Program Sub-Committee


Specialist International Medical Graduates Committee

Trainee Performance Review Subcommittee


Trainee Bursary Evaluation Subcommittee


Training Accreditation Committee



Working groups


Certificate in Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Working Group



Corporate office working groups


ASM and Events Planning Committee (CEO)


Digital Communications Working Group (CEO)


History and Heritage Expert Reference Panel (CEO)


Networks Management Group (CEO)


Senior Leadership Team (CEO)


Strategic Project Review Group (Council)


Training Program Projects Steering Group (EEMC)



Individual roles






Honorary treasurer



Immediate Past President

Chairs of committees, sub-committees and working groups


Members of committees, sub-committees and working groups


Committee members


Chair of examinations


Primary and final examiners


Training Accreditation Committee inspectors


International medical graduate specialist (IMGS) panel member


IMGS and Area of Need workplace-based assessment assessor


Honorary curator


Honorary historian


Medical editor


ANZCA/FPM representative to external organisations


Examiner assessor


Safety and Quality representation on regional and national committees


Accreditation officer

ANZCA Educators Program facilitators

Supervisor of Effective Management of Anaesthetic Crises (EMAC)

Australasian Anaesthesia (the Blue Book) editor

ANZCA Work-Based Assessment (WBA) Leads



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