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The Training Program 2013 (release 2) Project Governance Group (TPPGG) provides oversight of the Training Program 2013 (release 2) project to ensure successful delivery that results in a revised and improved anaesthesia training program; including the technology required to support it.
This includes providing direction to the project team and making decisions regarding appropriate management of components of the project, including risks and issues management. The TPPGG reports to the ANZCA Council via the ICT Governance Committee but is separate to organisational structures and as such, is required to understand the operational context whilst ensuring collaboration and commitment from key stakeholders to support the project team.


Council has developed terms of reference to streamline both council and committee work by clarifying the purpose of and arrangements for committees, particularly to define which functions are delegated to committees (and reported through to council) and which require council approval. The terms of reference includes standardised definitions of a quorum, voting rules and that electronic decisions should be recorded in the minutes of the next meeting.


Committee members

Title Name Region
Chair, Executive Director Professional Affairs Dr Leona Wilson NZ
Chair, Information and Communications Technology Governance Committee and Deputy Chair TPPGG Dr Rowan Thomas Vic
Information and Communications & Governance Committee (external industry) Professor Leon Stirling Vic
Director of Professional Affairs Special Projects Dr Ian Graham Vic
Director, Education Mr Oliver Jones Vic
Director, Finance & IT Ms Kathryn Cooper Vic
Project Manager, Finance and Services Mr Richard Stanton Vic
Committee support officer (non voting) Ms Dora Szucs Vic


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