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Key dates for the WA RATP Application Process
For new applicants interested in applying to the WA rotational training program wanting information about the selection process, please click here.
For existing or previous trainees on the WA rotational training program wanting information about the re-selection process please click here.
For any further information regarding the selection process, please email the WA Deputy Educational Officer Dr Kevin Hartley, at hartleykev@gmail.com.   

Information evening:

Anaesthetic Information Evenings
Each year the Education Officer and Deputy Education Officer will hold several ‘Introduction to Anaesthetics Training in WA’ evenings for interested junior doctors at the WA ANZCA office in Wembley, please register your interest in attending via wa@anzca.edu.au.


Wednesday March 11, 2020 from 6:30pm - 8pm - Fully subscribed.
Monday April 20, 2020 from 6:30pm - 8pm - Places available.

Application dates: Applications for the following years training positions usually open in early June and close a few weeks later. The job advert is on the MedJobsWA website at https://medjobswa.mercury.com.au/.
Interviews for the shortlisted applicants: Interviews are usually held in late August to early September each year at Joondalup Health Campus. Exact dates are usually determined closer to the time of applications opening.
Confirmed selection interview dates for 2020: Monday, August 31 to Wednesday, September 2.

Examination preparation resources

WA Part one exam teaching
The tutorials are offered to assist WA anaesthetic trainees with the part one examinations. Registrars appointed to the WA rotational training scheme will be contacted prior to commencing training with further information on the teaching program.
WA Part two exam teaching 
WA Part 2 teaching coordinator – Dr Anna Hayward 
Please contact Dr Hayward at annahayward@westnet.com.au with your expression of interest and/or to find out more information about the Part 2 exam teaching available in WA.
Part 2 ‘Long course’ tutorial program
Coordinators – Dr Bridget Hogan, Dr Ryan Juniper
The tutorials are offered to assist WA anaesthetic trainees with the final fellowship examinations. This course is designed for trainees to commence attending roughly 14 months before their intended exam sitting. Once you have committed to an exam sitting, you are able to register and pay the course fee to start attending tutorials. 
Part 2 Viva program
Coordinator – Dr Rebecca Kelly
The hospitals assist in running practice medical vivas and anaesthetic vivas leading up to the respective exams. These will commence at the end of the ‘long course’ tutorial program before your exam sitting. Those candidates sitting the immediately upcoming exam are able to attend these sessions. Generally, a document is shared for candidates to allocate themselves to sessions they can attend around their work commitments. 
For any further information on the WA Part 2 ‘Long course’ tutorial or viva program please email wa@anzca.edu.au or call 6188 4555.

Part 2 ‘Short course’
Coordinators – Dr Jakob Chakera, Dr Cat Goddard
A one week preparation course for the part two exam is run by JHC and SCGH. Anaesthetic trainees who are on the WA rotational program are invited to email an expression of interest to attend the course that immediately precedes the exam they intend to sit. Please email part2courseanzcawa@gmail.com with your expression of interest and/or to find out more information about the course.
Provisional fellowship
For information about the mandatory provisional fellowship requirements under ANZCA's curriculum and a list of pre-approved provisional fellowship training positions, please see here. Some positions are advertised in the anaesthesia job vacancies section here.
For inquiries about your provisional fellowship plan, email assessor_requests@anzca.edu.au.
The following workshops are available around the Perth metropolitan area:

  • The MURTEC simulation centre has a CICO course running regularly throughout the year which is coordinated by Dr Andrew Heard.
  • Dr Angelique Halliday will be running regular advanced life-support sessions for anaesthetists at the same MURTEC venue. This is scheduled to occur in the near future.
  • St John of God Subiaco has been running the formal advanced life-support two-day course (Subiaco). Email Maria Manning.
  • Parasol offers one and two-day advanced life-support courses at Joondalup Hospital
  • CICO course every Tuesday at RPH. Email Susan Chinnery.

Drug cautions

Dr Paul Kwei creates drug posters to reduce the chance of errors, they are updated fortnightly and are available below and via the ANZCA Twitter account:


Caution 3

Caution 11

Caution 19

Caution 4

Caution 12

Caution 20

Caution 5

Caution 13

Caution 21

Caution 6

Caution 14


Caution 7

Caution 15


Caution 8

Caution 16


Caution 9

Caution 17


Caution 10

Caution 18

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