Information on ANZCA Council, FPM Board, and regional and national committee elections, including upcoming elections, eligibility, and campaigning rules.

ANZCA elections are usually held each year for one or more of the following: 


ANZCA Council

The ANZCA Council election process is described in the ANZCA Constitution and should be read in conjunction with Regulation 41: Conduct of elections

Upcoming election

ANZCA regional and national committees

ANZCA regional and national committee elections are covered under Regulation 3: Regional national committees of the college.

FPM regional and national committee elections are covered by By-law 15: Regional and national committees of the faculty.

Upcoming elections

FPM elections

The FPM Board election process is covered by FPM’s By-law 1: The Board of Faculty.

Upcoming elections


ANZCA Trainee Committee 

Trainee committee elections in each region and New Zealand are covered in Regulation 16: Trainee committees of the college. Trainees elected as chairs of their regional or national committee form the ANZCA Trainee Committee.


For more information about elections, please contact us.


Campaigning during elections

  • Candidates must act honestly and with integrity when campaigning in council, board and committee elections. They must ensure that their campaigns and campaign materials are accurate and not misleading and must not involve ANZCA or FPM staff to canvass for votes.

  • They are responsible for the actions of their campaign and for their campaign materials, including controlling (where controllable) the materials written about them by third parties. 

  • They must clearly state in any messages communicated when soliciting members’ votes that they are acting on their own behalf, using their own resources, independent of the college.

  • Candidates are permitted to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media to campaign for votes, however, a disclaimer should be clearly published stating that campaign material expresses the views of the candidate and not the official position of ANZCA or FPM.

  • All candidates should be aware of the ANZCA Social Media Policy. This includes references to resources that also represent and guide best practice in using social media for medical professionals.

  • Candidates should also refer to the codes of conduct for the Medical Board of Australia (Good Medical Practice - A Code of Conduct for Doctors in Australia), and the Medical Council of New Zealand (Good Medical Practice).

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