Environmental Sustainability

ANZCA recognises that the healthcare sector is highly interconnected with activities that emit pollution to air, water, and soils, resulting in a significant ecological footprint and contribution to anthropogenic climate change.
We have established an Environment Sustainability Working Group to promote sustainability and ensure ANZCA stays committed to minimising the health impact of climate change.

ANZCA statement on climate change

ANZCA is committed to minimising the health impact of climate change and promoting environmental sustainability, and has taken measures to reduce its environmental impact. In January 2020, ANZCA released a statement on climate change. 

More information about ANZCA’s position on environmental sustainability can be found in its professional document PS64 Statement on Environmental Sustainability in Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine Practice.

Environmental Sustainability Working Group

In October 2019 the Environmental Sustainability Working Group was established to promote sustainability by evaluating the current practices within ANZCA and to gather information about sustainability activities undertaken by fellows, trainees and specialist international medical graduates (SIMGs) in their local workplaces throughout Australia and New Zealand. The working group will ensure ANZCA stays committed to minimising the health impact of climate change and are currently working on an audit tool for use in hospitals and a resource hub. Both will be released in the coming months.

Recognition for ANZCA's carbon offsets

ANZCA is recognised by Carbon Neutral, Australia's largest biodiverse reforestation offset developer, for offsetting 421 tonnes of carbon emissions in 2018.

The Carbon Neutral certificate for 2018 is here and more information on Carbon Neutral can be found here.


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