ANZCA Panel Pledge

The ANZCA panel pledge is based on an initiative of Male Champions of Change and Chief Executive Women, national groups which work with influential leaders to redefine men’s role in taking action on gender inequality. The ANZCA Panel Pledge launched in April 2019, and forms part of our broader commitment to gender diversity and equity.

The ANZCA panel pledge initiative forms part of the action plan that supports the college’s Gender Equity Position Statement. It enhances the college’s work in this space and shows a willingness from fellows, their workplaces and their colleagues to also impact change.

The purpose of the panel pledge is to encourage members to think about the composition of forums, panels and conferences. Often, there is a gender imbalance at meetings and events which means audiences are getting a narrow perspective, and the quality of diversity of conversations and experiences are limited. By raising awareness of this issues, we hope to encourage change.   Please join us in taking the pledge. 

Panel pledgers at the STEMM Breakfast, 2019 Annual Scientific meeting in Kuala Lumpur. 

We ask that willing participants take the following pledge:

I stand for gender diversity at every forum.

When you are invited to speak at or participate in a professional forum:

  • Request confirmation of who the other panellists/speakers/participants are, and how gender balance will be achieved.
  • Request that as a condition of acceptance, you expect women to participate in a meaningful way.
  • Reserve the right to withdraw from the event should this not be the case when the speaker list is finalised.
  • Offer names of women from within your organisation or network and, if helpful, point them to resources for support in finding women.

To formally take the pledge, please email the ANZCA gender equity group with you name, college ID, and the pledge “I stand for gender diversity at every forum”. 

The following people have committed to the Panel Pledge:

Dr Anisa Abu Baker
Dr Leinani Aiono-Le Tagaloa
Dr Salam Al-Khoury
Dr Vanessa Beavis
Dr Andrea Binks
Dr Julia Birch
Dr Dane Blackford
Dr Roger Browning
Dr Neroli Chadderton
Dr Elaine Chilcott
Dr Charles Chilvers
Dr Alan Ch'ng
Dr Chui Chong
Dr Simon Collins
Dr Meredith Craigie
Ms Monica Cronin
Dr Lucky De Silva
Dr Edward Debenham
Dr Monica Diczbalis
Dr Bridget Effeney
Dr Nigel Fidgeon
Dr Clare Fisher
Mr Adam Fitzgerald
Ms Laura Foley
Ms Kate Galloway
Dr Ian Graham

Dr Genevieve Goulding
Dr Neil Hauser
Mr Maurice Hennessy

Dr Charles (Yan) Ho
Prof Harriet Hopf
Dr Sofia Huddart
Mr John Ilott
Dr James Jarman
Dr Simon Jones
Dr Micheal Jones
Ms Nadja Kaye
Dr Alison Kearsley
Assoc Prof Ross Kerridge
Dr Emma Lansbury
Dr Brian Lee
Dr Ken Lee

Dr Min-Qi Lee

Prof Kate Leslie

Dr Jenny Liddell
Dr Susie Lord

Dr Angus Loraine
Dr Scott Ma
Dr Jack Madden
Dr Stuart Marshall
Dr Timothy Marshall
Assoc Prof Nolan McDonnell
Dr Sean McManus
Ms Heather Ann Moddie
Dr Bruce Newman
Dr Ann Ngui
Dr Michelle O'Brien
Prof Philip Peyton
Assoc Prof Nicole Phillips
Dr John Prentice
Dr Lindy Roberts
Dr Nigel Robertson
Dr Sancha Robinson
Dr Peter Roessler
Dr David Rowe
Dr Matt Rucklidge
Dr Allanah Scott
Dr Aylin Seven
Dr Prani Shrivastava
Ms Jaspreet Sidhu
Ms Hannah Sinclair
Assoc Prof Marcus Skinner
Ms Teri Snowdon
Prof David Story
Dr Cara Thomson
Dr Savas Totonidis
Dr Christine Vien
Dr Jana Vitesnikova
Assoc Prof Leonie Watterson
Ms Gabby White
Dr Chris Wilde
Assoc Prof Deborah Wilson
Dr Maggie Wong
Dr Jennifer Woods

Please visit the gender equity webpage for further information on college activities and initiatives.  



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