Donating objects to the museum

The Geoffrey Kaye Museum of Anaesthetic History is operated by the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists. It collects a range of object types including photographs, documents, audio visual material and anaesthetic apparatus that help to tell the story of the development and increased specialisation of anaesthetic practice.


Anyone wishing to donate an object should contact the Museum first, preferably via email. Offers should made using the object information form, and should include a photograph of the object and information about the dimensions, weight, condition and history of the object itself.


All offers are put before an Acquisitions Panel, made up of the Honorary Curator, Curator and members of the History & Heritage Expert Reference Panel. Offers will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Relevance 
    The museum only collects objects relating to its purpose and key collecting areas. 
  • Significance
    Objects which are significant for their historic, aesthetic, scientific/research or social/spiritual value. 
  • Provenance and Documentation 
    Objects where the history of the object is known and documentation and support material can be provided.
  • Condition, intactness, integrity
    Badly damaged material will not normally be accepted into the collection. 
  • Interpretive Potential
    Objects that tell a story that adds to the interpretation of museum themes. 
  • Rarity 
    Objects may be prioritised if they are rare examples of a particular kind of object.
  • Representativeness 
    Objects may be prioritised if they are an excellent representative example of a particular kind of object.
  • Duplications
    Objects that duplicate items already in the collection will not be accepted unless they are of superior condition and/or historic value. In such a case the duplicate may be considered for deaccessioning. 
  • Legal Requirements
    The museum only accepts objects where the donor/vendor has legal title to the object and is prepared to transfer title to the museum.


The museum will generally not accept conditional donations and cannot guarantee donated objects will be used in exhibitions or otherwise placed on display within any set period of time. 





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