A brief ANZCA timeline




Royal Australasian College of Surgeons agrees to found a faculty of anaesthetists.


Interim board of Faculty of Anaesthetists, RACS, convenes.

April 1952

First draft by-laws and standing orders approved by interim board.

August 1952

Acting board convenes: Douglas Renton appointed Acting Dean, Harry Daly appointed Acting Vice-Dean; first general meeting of the faculty attended by 48 foundation Fellows and members.


Visit by Dr Bernard Johnson, Dean of the Faculty of Anaesthetists, Royal College of Surgeons, England.

May 1953

First election to the board. Appointments of Douglas Renton as Dean and Harry Daly as Vice-Dean unanimously reaffirmed.

August 1953

First General Scientific Meeting of RACS attended by Fellows and members of the Faculty of Anaesthetists.


Annual subscription introduced at a cost of seven guineas.


Robert Orton appointed Dean.


Museum and library gifted to the faculty.

May 1956

First final examination held in Melbourne for seven candidates.

March 1957

First primary examination held in Melbourne for five candidates.

September 1957

Primary examinations held in Melbourne, Sydney and Dunedin.

September 1958

Renton Prize for primary examination awarded for the first time, to Vera Gallagher.


Lennard Travers appointed Dean.

May 1959

Final examination held in Sydney for the first time.

August 1959

Inaugural General Meeting of Fellows and members of the Faculty at the College General Scientific Meeting.


Fellowship numbers stand at 170.


James McCulloch appointed Dean.

May 1961

Cecil Gray prize for final examination awarded for the first time, to John O’Leary.


Academic Chair in Anaesthesia established at Sydney University, the first in Australia.


Education Committee formed.


Gilbert Brown Prize for the best contribution to the GSM session devoted to recent local studies and developments awarded for first time, to Bruce Warren Gunner.


Leonard Shea appointed Dean.


Mary Burnell appointed Dean.


Faculty primary examination held in Singapore for the first time.


Ralph Clark appointed Dean.


Noel Cass appointed Dean.


Faculty primary examination held in Hong Kong for the first time.


R H Orton Award for Meritorious Services to Anaesthesia in Australia made for first time. Harry Daly, Margaret McClelland and George Anson were the recipients.


Kevin McCaul appointed Dean.


Fellowship numbers stand at 515.


Training review: two years of general medical training to precede vocational training in anaesthesia.


Supervisor of training appointed in each hospital having training posts.


Manual on training published.


Final examination held in Singapore. Examinations held in Malaysia and Singapore until 1985.


Teresa O’Rourke-Brophy appointed Dean.


Lennard Travers Memorial Professorship awarded for the first time, to Gordon (Don) Harrison.


Inaugural Ellis Gillespie Memorial Lecture delivered by Professor B R Simpson at the GSM, Singapore.


First research grant from the Faculty of Anaesthetists RACS Research Fund awarded to TCK (Kester) Brown.


Brian Dwyer appointed Dean.


Section of Intensive Care established within the Faculty, Arthur (Barry) Baker appointed chair.


William Watt appointed Dean.


Silver jubilee of Faculty. Faculty appoints its own treasurer and formally separated its accounts, budget and reserves from the College.


Maurice Sando appointed Dean.


Honorary Fellowship conferred upon Geoffrey Kaye.


First final examination in intensive care.


The Faculty of Anaesthetists RACS Medal awarded for the first time. Leonard Shea and Peter Penn are the recipients.


First policy document published giving standards of practice: Recommended Minimum Facilities for Safe Anaesthetic Practice in Non-Teaching Hospitals.


Fellowship stands at 1150.


Douglas Joseph appointed Dean.


RACS Bulletin commences publication in March, with a Faculty of Anaesthetists segment that includes the Dean’s newsletter.


Intensive Care Manual published by Teik Oh.


William Crosby appointed Dean.


Harry Daly Research Fellowship awarded for first time. Malcolm Fisher is the recipient.


Ross Holland appointed Dean.


Robin Smallwood appointed Dean.


Joan Sheales appointed faculty administrative officer following retirement of Nancy O’Donnell after 13 years of service.


Dean of Faculty becomes a member of the newly founded Committee of Presidents of Medical Colleges.


Arthur (Barry) Baker appointed Dean.


Faculty participation in RACS Younger Fellows Conference


Academic Chairs Establishment Grant inaugurated: first grant made to Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, Royal Adelaide Hospital.


Fellowship stands at 1955.


Faculty Bulletin commences publication.


Peter Livingstone appointed Dean.


Faculty special interest groups inaugurated.


Douglas Joseph Bequest and professorship established.

June 1991

ANZCA is incorporated.

February 1992

ANZCA is founded on February 7 with 2090 Fellows. Peter Livingstone appointed President ANZCA (until June). Joan Sheales appointed College registrar.

1992 The inaugural General Scientific Meeting of ANZCA held in conjunction with RACS in Canberra.
1992 Rural Anaesthesia Special Interest Group and Neuroanaesthesia Special Interest Group established.

June 1992

Michael Hodgson appointed President ANZCA.


Michael Davies appointed President ANZCA.

1993 ANZCA Foundation established.


Ulimaroa, 630 St Kilda Road, purchased.


New Zealand office opens in Elliott House, Wellington.


Faculty of Intensive Care is founded. Geoffrey Clarke appointed Dean.


College Armorial Bearings granted.

1993 Medical Education Special Interest Group and Research Special Interest Group established.
1993 Final General Scientific Meeting held in conjunction with RACS in Adelaide.


College relocates to St Kilda Road in February 1994, following official opening of Ulimaroa by Governor General on February 19.

1994 ANZCA's first independent annual scientific meeting held in Launceston.
1994 College mace presented to ANZCA as a gift from RACS.


Neville Davis appointed President, ANZCA.


One Grand Chain Volume 1 published.

1995 Maintenance of Professional Standards (MOPS) introduced.


Garry Phillips appointed President, ANZCA.


Alan Duncan appointed Dean, Faculty of Intensive Care.


Dean’s and Vice-Dean’s gowns first worn at Christchurch Annual Scientific Meeting.

1997 Welfare of Anaesthetists Special Interest Group (now know as Wellbeing Special Interest Group) established.


Richard Walsh appointed President, ANZCA.

1998 Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Special Interest Group established.
1998 First mortality report, Anaesthetic mortality in Australia 1991-1993, published.


Felicity Hawker appointed Dean, Faculty of Intensive Care.


Faculty of Pain Medicine is founded. Michael Cousins appointed Dean.

November 1999

First pain medicine examination.

1999 Obstetric Anaesthesia Special Interest Group established.


Fellowship of ANZCA stands at 3400.


Teik Oh appointed President, ANZCA.

2000 Critical Care in Ultrasound (renamed Anaesthesia and Critical Care in Unusual and Transport Environments in 2005) Special Interest Group and Simulation and Skills Training Special Interest Group established (Simulation SIG merges with Medical Education SIG in 2013, thence known as Medical Education SIG).
2000 Effective Management of Anaesthetic Crises course introduced.


ANZCA House opened.


ANZCA’s Education Development Unit formed.

2001 History of Anaesthesia Special Interest Group established.


Richard Willis appointed President, ANZCA.

May 2002

Leigh Atkinson appointed Dean, Faculty of Pain Medicine.


The Joint Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine is founded in partnership with the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. Felicity Hawker appointed Dean.

October 2002

Neil Matthews appointed Dean, Joint Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine.

2003 Online journals available to Fellows and trainees.
2003 Anaesthetists in Management Special Interest Group established.
2004 Curriculum 2004 commenced.


Michael Cousins appointed President, ANZCA.


Jack Havill appointed Dean, Joint Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine.


Milton Cohen appointed Dean, Faculty of Pain Medicine.


One Grand Chain volume 2 published.

2004 Clinical Teacher Course piloted.
2004 ANZCA Trainee Committee established.
2004 ANZCA website created.


Fellowship numbers exceed 4000.


Research Funding exceeds $650,000.

2005 ANZCA Trials Group formed.
2005 FPM recognised as a specialty in Australia.

November 2005

Mike Richards appointed CEO, ANZCA.


Walter Thompson appointed President, ANZCA.


Roger Goucke appointed Dean, Faculty of Pain Medicine.


Richard Lee appointed Dean, Joint Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine.

2006 New Fellow first elected to Council.
2006 Regional Anaesthesia Special Interest Group established.

April 2007

ANZCA Foundation launched.

August 2007

Death of Margaret Smith, Foundation Fellow of the Faculty of Anaesthetists, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

2007 New Zealand office moves to EMC House.
2007 ANZCA Code of Professional Conduct introduced.
2007 Airway Management Special Interest Group and Trauma Special Interest Group established.


Leona Wilson appointed President, ANZCA.


Penelope Briscoe appointed Dean, Faculty of Pain Medicine.


Vernon Van Heerden appointed Dean, Joint Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine.


The Dr Ray Hader Trainee Award for Compassion established. Inaugural award made to Amanda Young.

2008 Continuing Professional Development Program introduced.
2008 Review of the curriculum commenced.
2008 First ANZCA E-Newsletter distributed.
2009 Continuing Professional Development Program becomes mandatory.

February 2009

ANZCA ACT office opens.

February 2009

Interim board of the College of Intensive Care Medicine meets for the first time, operating in parallel with the Board of the Joint Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine.

2009 ANZCA begins producing podcasts.

December 2009

Farewell dinner at ANZCA House for the Joint Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine.


Fellowship of ANZCA exceeds 4900.

January 2010

The College of Intensive Care Medicine of Australia and New Zealand commences operations as an independent entity. Vernon Van Heerden appointed President.


Kate Leslie appointed President, ANZCA.


David Jones appointed Dean, Faculty of Pain Medicine.

2010 Online in-training assessments start.
2010 Acute Pain Management: Scientific Evidence (3rd ed) published.
2010 Perioperative Medicine Special Interest Group established.
2010 National Pain Summit held in Canberra.
2010 Overseas Aid Committee established.
2011 Online Clinical Teacher Course piloted.
September 2011 Linda Sorrell appointed CEO, ANZCA.
2011 Indigenous Health Committee established.
2012 Lindy Roberts appointed President, ANZCA.
2012 Brendan Moore appointed Dean, Faculty of Pain Medicine.
2012 FPM accredited as a scope of practice in New Zealand.
2012 Number of Fellows - 4800, number of trainees - 2000.
2013 Roll out of the 2013 revised curriculum including the online training portfolio system.
2013 National Anaesthesia Day relaunched.
2013 2013-2017 ANZCA and FPM Strategic Plans rolled out.
2014 Genevieve Goulding appointed President, ANZCA.
2014 Edward (Ted) Shipton appointed Dean, Faculty of Pain Medicine.
2014 Revised continuing professional development (CPD) program launched with online CPD portfolio system.
2014 Geoffrey Kaye Museum of Anaesthetic History redeveloped and relocated to Ulimaroa building, Melbourne.
2014 The first learning management system, Networks, was made available.
2015 Revised FPM curriculum rolled out.
2015 ANZCA Educators Program (formerly Foundation Teacher Course) launched.
2015 John Ilott appointed CEO, ANZCA.
2015 The opioid calculator was first launched.
2015 Bullying, discrimination, and sexual harassment working group formed.
2016 David A Scott appointed President, ANZCA.
2016 Christopher Hayes appointed Dean, FPM.
2016 Introduction of Library Guides.
2016 Foundation renamed to ANZCA Research Foundation.
2016 Standardised Part Zero Course rolled out in Australia and New Zealand.
2016 Acute Pain Management: Scientific Evidence (4th ed) published.
2016 Lives of the Fellows:1952 highlighting the foundation members of the Faculty of Anaesthetists, RACS) launched.
2017 ANZCA celebrated its 25th anniversary.
2017 Membership services area was established and an entirely online annual subscription process was introduced. 
2017 Emerging Investigators subcommittee was established.
2017 The FPM Better Pain Management program was launched at the FPM Refresher Course Day.
2017 The ANZCA Diploma of Advanced Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine was launched on July 31.
2018 Rodney Mitchell was appointed President, ANZCA
2018 Meredith Craigie was appointed Dean, FPM.
2018 2018-2022 ANZCA and FPM Strategic Plans rolled out.
2018 ANZCA Indigenous Health Strategy 2018-2022 rolled out.
2018 The ANZCA Institutional Research Repository (AIRR) launched.
2018 Number of Fellows - 6000, number of trainees - 1550.
2019 Nigel Fidgeon appointed CEO, ANZCA.


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