Our 25th anniversary

This year, ANZCA celebrates its 25th anniversary. It's an opportunity to acknowledge the leading role the College has played in many areas of anaesthesia, intensive care and pain medicine. 

Throughout this anniversary year, we'll be celebrating our past achievements and looking at ways we can shape the future of anaesthesia and pain medicine. If you're on Twitter, follow the hashtag #ANZCA25, and keep an eye out for our Facebook competition! 

A video message from our Honorary Historian, Professor Barry Baker


Highlights from the past 25 years

Although ANZCA started only 25 years ago, as this timeline shows, we've had a long and historic journey to reach our current position as a leading institution in anaesthesia and pain medicine. We've taken a leading role in many areas of anaesthesia, pain medicine and intensive care. These include:
  • Leading the world in the treatment of pain by establishing the specialty of pain medicine and the Faculty of Pain Medicine.
  • Setting high professional standards for patient safety through professional documents and other advocacy activities.
  • Answering key questions in medical research by recruiting more than 30,000 patients to help with $A25 million worth of studies for the ANZCA Clinical Trials Network and other research through the ANZCA Research Foundation
  • Training highly skilled future Fellows.
  • Running excellent medical education events such as the ANZCA Annual Scientific Meeting
  • Supporting anaesthesia in developing nations such as Papua New Guinea with clinical and educational visits, and the seeding of the Essential Pain Management program now being taught in 47 countries.
  • Establishing intensive care medicine as a specialty by instituting training and accreditation programs through a joint Faculty of Intensive Care, and then by helping found the Australian and New Zealand College of Intensive Care Medicine

25 Years Of ANZCA Leadership book25 Years Of ANZCA Leadership book

All Fellows, trainees and IMGS have been given a copy of this keepsake book, edited by our Honorary Historian, Professor Barry Baker.

Download 25 Years Of ANZCA Leadership as a digital flipbook


Thinking BIG for 25 years

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