Dr Ray Hader Award for Pastoral Care

The Dr Ray Hader Award for Pastoral Care is awarded to an ANZCA fellow or trainee who is recognised to have made a significant contribution to the welfare of one or more ANZCA trainees in the area of pastoral care. 

The award is named after Dr Ray Hader, a Victorian ANZCA trainee who died of an accidental drug overdose in 1998 after a long struggle with addiction. Established in memory of Dr Hader by his friend Dr Brandon Carp, this award promotes compassion and a focus on the welfare of anaesthetists, other colleagues, patients and the community. In 2012, Dr Carp agreed to continue sponsorship of the award and to expand the criteria to recognise the pastoral care element of trainee supervision.
The award takes the form of a certificate and grant of $A 2,000 for training or educational purposes.
Candidates must be nominated and seconded by accredited trainees or ANZCA fellows and supply the details of two additional referees (other than the nominator and seconder). They must reside in an ANZCA training region.
The nomination must consist of a cover letter written by one or both of the nominators explaining the rationale and justification for the nomination and be accompanied by the nominees’s curriculum vitae (CV). The cover letter and CV should provide the details on the candidate’s significant contribution to the pastoral care of trainees in the following categories:

  1. Mentoring and influence: Extraordinary educational influence on trainees, fellows, or educational organisations.

  2. Supporting and encouraging: This may have been directly or indirectly via educational or other strategies.

  3. Welfare approach: This may be for trainees, colleagues, patients and the community.

  4. Leadership: This may be in the form of promotions of welfare activity for trainees and or community.


  • 2019 Dr Susan Nicoll (NZ)
  • 2018 Dr Joanna Sinclair (NZ)
  • 2017 Dr Antoinette Brennan (VIC)
  • 2016 Dr Ian Balson (VIC)
  • 2015 Dr Louise Ellard, (VIC)
  • 2014 Dr Anna Hallett (QLD)
  • 2013 Dr Catherine Purdy (NZ)
  • 2012 Not awarded
  • 2011 Dr Katherine Jeffrey (NSW)
  • 2010 Dr Kathryn Hagen (NZ)
  • 2009 Not awarded
  • 2008 Dr Amanda Young (VIC)



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