Trainee Academic Prize


The Trainee Academic Prize (formerly known as the Formal Project Prize) shall be awarded to the Trainee or Fellow, within one (1) year of award of the Diploma of Fellowship who is judged to make the best contribution at the Trainee Academic Session held as part of the Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM).  This Session will only be open to Trainees or Fellows to present material related to a scholar role activity (under the 2013 curriculum) or a formal project (under the 2004 curriculum) as defined in Professional Document TE11.


The prize takes the form of a medal and is accompanied by a certificate recognising the achievement.


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  • 2016 Adam Hollingworth, NZ
  • 2015 Paul Slocombe, Qld
  • May 2014 Change of name from The Formal Project Prize to The Trainee Academic Prize
  • 2014 Dale Currigan, WA
  • 2013 Benn Lancman, NSW
  • 2012 Rohan David Mahendran, WA
  • 2011 Sharnie Wu, NSW
  • 2010 Peter Carlin, SA
  • 2009 Angela Palumbo, WA
  • 2008 Remesh Kumar Balasingam, Malaysia
  • 2007 Kylie King, NSW
  • 2006 Gabriel Snyder, VIC
  • 2005 Ian Duncan McKay, NZ
  • 2004 Lisa Mohanlal, QLD
  • 2003 Kerryn Martin, NZ
  • 2002 Naresh Ramakrishnan, NSW
  • 2001 Anna S K Lee, HK
  • 2000 Michael Lambros, NSW
  • 1999 Sui-Cheung Yu, HK
  • 1998 Brian Thomas Spain, NT
  • 1997 Ho Kwok Ming, VIC
  • 1996 Deborah Jane Wilson, WA
  • 1995 Matthew Chan, HK


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