Honorary fellowship

The ANZCA Council may from time to time elect as Honorary Fellows people of renown, distinguished members of the medical profession and other eminent persons, whether or not those eminent persons are members of the medical profession.


An Honorary Fellow is a member of the College and has the same powers, privileges and liabilities as a Fellow, except that an Honorary Fellow is not required to pay any entrance fee or annual subscription or to satisfy the College’s professional development requirements.


An Honorary Fellow is entitled to attend and speak but may not vote at general meetings.


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  • 2005 Joan Sheales, Vic [dec]
  • 2001 Archibald Ian Jeremy Brain, Belgium
  • 1998 Michael Gorton, Vic
  • 1996 Emanuel M Papper, USA [dec]
  • 1995 David Egmont Theile, Qld
  • 1994 Michael Anthony Denborough, Vic
  • 1992 Douglas Geoffrey Lampard [dec]
  • 1990 Gaisford Gerald Harrison, South Africa [dec]
  • 1990 Anthony Jephcott, NZ [dec]
  • 1989 Lucien Ellis Morris, USA [dec]
  • 1989 Carlos Parsloe, Brazil [dec]
  • 1986 Gustav Julius Fraenkel, SA [dec]
  • 1984 John Kevin Clarebrough, Vic [dec]
  • 1984 John Francis Nunn, UK
  • 1984 William Derek Wylie, UK [dec]
  • 1978 Malcolm Keith Sykes, UK [dec]
  • 1978 John Edmund Riding, UK
  • 1977 Arthur Barclay Bull, South Africa [dec]
  • 1976 David Mervyn Davies, UK
  • 1970 Michael Douglas Alle Vickers, UK [dec]
  • 1968 Gordon Robson, UK [dec]
  • 1961 Thomas Cecil Gray, UK [dec]
  • 1959 William Woolf Mushin [dec]


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