Steuart Henderson award

The Steuart Henderson Award is awarded to a fellow who has demonstrated excellence and provided outstanding contribution, scholarship, and mentorship to medical education in the field of anaesthesia and/or pain medicine.

All fellows of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists and Faculty of Pain Medicine are eligible for the award.

The award is named after Dr Steuart Henderson who served as an ANZCA councillor from 1992 to 2004, working particularly in education and training and as assessor. The award recognises the profile of educators within the college and honours Dr Henderson for his past efforts and contribution to medical education.

The award takes the form of a medal, certificate and grant of $A1,000 for educational or research purposes.

Candidates must be nominated and seconded by an ANZCA or FPM fellow. Self-nomination will not be accepted.

The nomination must consist of a cover letter written by one or both of the nominators explaining the rationale and justification for the nomination and be accompanied by the nominee’s curriculum vitae. Consideration will be given as to the contribuition made towards education in anaesthesia and/or pain education in the following categories: 


  • Teaching and learning: Significant contribution and commitment to teaching and learning activities within the fields of anaesthesia and/or pain medicine.

  • Mentoring and influence: Extraordinary educational influence on trainees, fellows, or educational organisations.

  • Research and conference presentations: Published medical education research in peer-reviewed journals and/or peer-reviewed acceptance of a medical education abstract at a national or international conference.

  • Resource development: Such activities that contribute to the planning or development of improvements or innovations in medical education in the fields of anaesthesia and/or pain medicine. Contributions in this category could include, for example: new courses, revision of current courses, curriculum development.

  • Educational leadership: Activities of any kind that constitute leadership and contribute substantially to medical education leadership within anaesthetic and/or pain medicine; for example, representation on a committee related to medical education at ANZCA, university, hospital, or professional association.


Nominations must be made in writing to the chair of the ANZCA Edcuators Sub-Committee by January 15 each year via the ANZCA Education Unit

Download the application form.


Award recipients:

  • 2017 Meredith Craigie, SA
  • 2018 Jennifer Weller, NZ
  • 2019  Kersi Taraporewalla, QLD

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