Goal 3: Driving research and quality improvement

ANZCA will drive a culture of research and quality improvement through funding and supporting research, academic anaesthesia and researchers across Australia and New Zealand and sustaining ANZCA’s global leadership in high quality research.

Key strategies


Strategy 1: Implement and promote ANZCA research strategy.



Promote ongoing broad understanding and knowledge of ANZCA research strategy.


Identify common barriers to research and quality improvement activities, and develop mitigation strategies.


Refine the funding model to support sustainable expansion of research inclusive of pain medicine. 


Promote transparency in ANZCA funding of research. 


Strengthen understanding of the importance of translational research in patient safety and quality health outcomes.


Strategy 2: Evaluate the benefits of a research support unit to enable high quality research and quality improvement activities.



Develop business case for research support unit.


Initiate a support network to strengthen support for emerging researchers including access to experienced mentors and researchers inclusive of pain medicine. 



Consolidate a suite of online research support resources. 


Create and support international research opportunities for the College, its fellows, trainees, SIMGs and staff beyond Australia and New Zealand.


Develop support for audit and registry projects which have a quality improvement capacity.



Strategy 3: Recognise and reward inspiring experiences in research and quality improvement throughout training and professional life.



Share and celebrate ANZCA research success and outcomes as an ongoing priority.


Integrate and reinforce role of ANZCA CTN.


Explore new ways to encourage fellows and trainees to apply for ANZCA research prizes and awards.


Formalise research as an activity within ANZCA CPD, learning development and professional training. 



How we will measure success

  • 50 per cent more fellows/trainees/staff actively involved in research projects.

  • ​Number of fellows applying for research grants is proportionate to location, practice, gender and ethnicity of the membership.

  • Business case for research support unit adopted.

  • Ongoing availability of research funding (aim: increase ANZCA Foundation corpus by 100%).

  • 100 fellows/trainees/staff apply for ANZCA research awards and prizes annually.

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