Goal 4: Supporting our workforce and wellbeing

ANZCA will SUPPORT the sustainable growth of a diverse, high quality and healthy anaesthesia and pain medicine and staff workforce so all communities in Australia and New Zealand have access to high quality anaesthesia, pain medicine and perioperative services, provided by clinicians who are supported both personally and professionally.

Key strategies


Strategy 1: Develop a rural, regional and remote workforce strategy.



Access current and predicted population health data to inform workforce planning.


Engage appropriately and strategically with government to secure support via funding and placements and advocate for equitable access to health care.


Develop and implement a Rural GP anaesthesia training and CPD program. 


Promote benefits and rewards of working in regional and remote areas to anaesthetists and specialist pain medicine physicians.


Support pre and post vocational learning and professional development for anaesthetists and specialist pain medicine physicians in regional and remote areas.


Strategy 2: Promote the wellbeing of a diverse anaesthesia and pain medicine workforce and college staff.



Develop fellow and trainee health and well being strategy taking into account gender, background and Indigenous heritage/culture.


Advocate to government on medical workforce health and wellbeing. 



Partner with other specialist colleges and societies and health service providers to support medical workforce health and wellbeing.


Monitor the health and wellbeing of staff and volunteers and provide ongoing professional development and support.


Increase the number of successful Indigenous trainees in anaesthesia.



Strategy 3: Foster an enduring professional relationship of anaesthetists and pain medicine specialists with the college



Promote the value and importance of trainees and SIMGs in the future of the college. 


Develop and deliver a trainee engagement strategy.


Expand opportunities for fellows, SIMGs and trainees to be active within the college at any stage of their careers.


Increase opportunities for productive collaboration between staff and fellows, SIMGs and trainees including feedback into the work of the college.


Implement revised indigenous health strategy.



Strategy 4: Develop resources and processes that promote and support the wellbeing of fellows, SIMGs, trainees and staff.



Scope and map current wellbeing strategies and resources.


Engage with specific groups of fellows, SIMGs and trainees to better understand and meet their support needs.


Develop, trial and evaluate online support resources and integrate these resources with the fellow and trainee health and wellbeing strategy (see 4.2.1).


Deliver for staff and volunteers ongoing development of online support resources.


Implement sustainable processes within ANZCA, its programs and events that reduces environmental impact.

How we will measure success

  • Increased applications for and placements in rural and remote settings.
  • ​Approved and viable Rural GP anaesthesia curriculum and CPD standard adopted and implemented.  
  • Double the number of successful Indigenous trainees in anaesthesia. 
  • 25 per cent increase of fellows and trainees active in college work.
  • Recommendations of BDSH working group report fully actioned.
  • Staff retention benchmarked, monitored and reported via staff satisfaction survey.


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