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ANZCA has professional and administrative staff located mainly at its head office in ANZCA House, Melbourne, as well as offices in New Zealand, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia (which also covers the Northern Territory), Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory

Below are the details of senior leaders at ANZCA, including general managers, their business units and the roles they undertake.



John Ilott
Chief Executive Officer 

ANZCA’s Chief Executive Officer is John Ilott who has several direct reports in his Department of the CEO including the general managers of Fellowship Affairs, Communications, the Strategic Project Office and Technology, the Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine Foundation, Policy, Human Resources, the New Zealand National Office, Finance and the Faculty of Pain Medicine. The executive director of professional affairs also reports to Mr Ilott.

Email the chief executive officer.


Carolyn Handley
Deputy Chief Executive Officer 

The Deputy Chief Executive Officer is Carolyn Handley, who is also the head of the Training and Education Department. Her direct reports are the general managers of Education, Training Assessment, Accreditation and Australian regions as well as the Facilities Manager and Manager, Change and Innovation.

Email the Corporate Affairs unit.




Dr Leona Wilson
Executive Director, Professional Affairs 

The Professional Affairs unit is made up of clinicians who provide advice on specific areas that require input from Fellows. The Executive Director of Professional Affairs is Dr Leona Wilson. Other members who report to Dr Wilson are Dr Peter Roessler (DPA, Policy), Dr Vaughan Laurenson (DPA, Assessor), Dr Maggie Wong (DPA, Deputy Assessor), Dr Lindy Roberts (DPA, Deputy Assessor), Dr Nicole Phillips (DPA, Annual Scientific Meetings) and our Dean of Education, Dr Ian Graham. Professor Milton Cohen is the DPA, FPM.

Email Professional Affairs.





Rob Packer
General Manager, ANZCA Research Foundation 

The Anaesthesia Research Foundation raises funds to support medical research and education programs conducted by ANZCA and FPM Fellows and staff in Australia, New Zealand and internationally.

It administers the research grants program and supports the College’s international projects and activities.

Email the ANZCA Research Foundation.




Clea Hincks
General Manager, Communications

The Communications team produces key publications including the ANZCA Bulletin, annual report and e-newsletters. It designs collateral for all business units.

Communications is responsible for lifting ANZCA’s profile through the media and digital communications, including our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and website content. Communications also co-ordinates National Anaesthesia Day in October.

Email the Communications team.




Olly Jones
General Manager, Education  

The Education unit is responsible for the development, delivery and ongoing evaluation of education activities of the College. It develops learning resources for ANZCA and FPM trainees and Fellows, oversees the ANZCA Educators Program, Part Zero Course and EMAC course.

Additionally, it oversees online learning in Networks, the College’s learning and collaboration management system.

Email the Education unit


Helen Morris
General Manager, Faculty of Pain Medicine 

The Faculty of Pain Medicine unit supports all Faculty activities. Primarily it supports delivery of the training, examination and specialist accreditation of specialist pain medicine physicians, accreditation of training units, the delivery of a continuing medical education program that supports ongoing development of skills and expertise, the development of research and education projects, the delivery of Faculty communications and the development of resources for use by Faculty Fellows and trainees.

Email the Faculty of Pain Medicine.


Jan Sharrock
General Manager, Fellowship Affairs 

The Fellowship Affairs unit is responsible for the delivery of the College’s major educational events including the ANZCA Annual Scientific Meeting and special interest group (SIG) events. The ANZCA Library, the Geoffrey Kaye Museum of Anaesthetic History and ANZCA’s business archives, collectively known as Knowledge Resources complete the unit.

Email the Fellowship Affairs unit.



Kate Garlick
Acting General Manager, Finance 

The Finance unit manages the financial affairs of the College. It focuses on the production and use of information to meet College accounting needs, compliance (government and other regulatory bodies), management and control (to meet organisational objectives), strategy and risks (to inform the development and implementation of strategy and manage financial risk) and funding (identifying sources of funding for organisational activities). 

Email the Finance unit.




Jenny Lethbridge
General Manager, Human Resources

The Human Resources team provides strategic and operational human resources leadership to encourage best practice in the management of staff to enable them to achieve their potential, personally and professionally. This includes employee relations, industrial relations, recruitment and selection, learning and development, payroll and health and safety activities.

Email the Human Resources team.




Heather Ann Moodie
General Manager, New Zealand National Office 

The New Zealand National Office conducts New Zealand activities for the College and FPM and ensures ANZCA and FPM is represented at New Zealand government and non-government agencies, such as the Ministry of Health, Health Workforce New Zealand, Medical Council of New Zealand and Health Quality and Safety Commission. 

Email the New Zealand National Office.




Jo-anne Chapman
General Manager, Policy, Safety and Quality

The Policy unit has an advocacy role, managing relationships and developing submissions for government and non-government bodies, including the Australian Medical Council and the Medical Council of New Zealand. The unit manages the Specialist Training Program, which funds training in settings beyond traditional public teaching hospitals. It supports the Safety and Quality portfolio and also co-ordinates College professional documents and internal policies, such as intellectual property. 

Email the Policy unit.



Warren O’Harae
General Manager, Australian Regions

The regional operations team provides local support for Fellows and trainees in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (Qld), South Australia/Northern Territory (SA/NT), Tasmania (Tas), Victoria (Vic) and Western Australia (WA). Each regional office supports ANZCA and FPM committees, courses, events and examinations.

Email:  ACT | NSW | Qld | SA/NT | Tas | Vic | WA.




Kathryn Cooper
Acting General Manager, Strategic Project Office and Technology 

The Strategic Project Office and Technology (SPOT) manages technology and projects in line with the strategic priorities of ANZCA.  SPOT is responsible for managing the end to end technological environment that enables College staff, Fellows, trainees and other authorised users to access information using the most efficient hardware and software. A Strategic Project Roadmap is developed annually which prioritises project requests in alignment with ANZCA’s Business Plan. Email the Strategic Project Office.




Lee-Anne Pollard
General Manager, Accreditation 

ANZCA’s Accreditation unit administers the continuing professional development (CPD) program, the international medical graduate specialist (IMGS) process for assessment of overseas-trained anaesthetists and pain specialists; and training accreditation, which co-ordinates training site accreditation visits on behalf of the Training Accreditation Committee (TAC) and for diving and hyperbaric medicine.

Email: CPD | IMGS | TAC.




Paula Stephenson
General Manager, Training Assessment 

The Training Assessment unit is responsible for the processes and systems that support the ANZCA anaesthesia training program. This includes examinations, the online training portfolio system that records training against the curriculum, and support for these functions. The commencement of anaesthesia training is the primary entry point for most Fellows and as such is the beginning of the fellowship journey.

Email the Training Assessment unit.





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