Media releases 2011

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December 20 Research funding ensures high-quality and safe anaesthesia
October 27 Causes of pain: physical or psychological?
October 17 Pain specialists tackle $1.2 billion a year migraine headache
October 17 Global Year Against Headache highlights costly migraine problem (NZ)
October 3 New techniques reduce the risk of heart surgery
September 28 Michael Jackson court case - use of propofol
September 26 ANZCA Bulletin out now: Windscreen repairs, Prolapse Down Under, diving paramedics
September 22 Patient safety the focus of anaesthetic conference
August 12 Study predicts ward patients at risk of critical event
August 3 Respected medical chief to head College of anaesthetists
July 29 Anaesthetists discuss management of mass disasters
July 22 New patient program cuts hospital stays by three days
July 8 Alternatives to gastric band surgery for the obese
July 7   Access to blood products in remote towns to be discussed
July 4 ANZCA Bulletin out now: Japanese earthquake and tsunami; Grand Prix medical guru; ultrasound-guided epidurals
July 1 Breastfeeding mums warned about painkiller use
June 2 New online training program to tackle pain
May 16 De-stressing the distressed: is the ICU making patients sick?
May 15 Bridging the gap: helping patients control postoperative pain
May 14 Anaesthesia and the ageing mind
May 13 Flying high: lessons from the aviation industry
May 12 East meets west at pain medicine meeting
May 9 Anaesthetists share pearls of wisdom in Hong Kong
April 4 ANZCA Bulletin out now: Anaesthetists on the frontline, eyes on Ethiopia
February 26 Christchurch earthquake: An anaesthetistâ's story
February 18 Tasmanian doctors discuss childbirth pain relief and research on elderly
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