Media releases 2012

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December 18 Patients to benefit from ANZCA research projects
November 27 College helps train extra specialists in rural areas
November 18 Research needed into anaesthetics and surgery causing dementia
November 15 Far more research needed into post-surgery deaths
November 13 Top presenters draw anaesthetists from around the world
November 9 Report will guide anaesthesia training numbers: ANZCA
November 2 Pain medicine recognition great news for those in pain
October 26 Medical experts seek consensus on opioid prescribing
October 25 Millions to benefit from Australian first pain management solution
October 15 Pelvic pain: the last of the modern taboos
October 8 ANZCA Bulletin out now: Bali bombings; hypnosis; war zone anaesthesia; revised training program; pain management in Central America
September 30 Urine and drug screening proposed for chronic pain patients
September 27 Children with chronic pain miss out on services
September 9 Australian doctors helping children and boosting skills in PNG
September 5 Australasian anaesthetists help save lives in PNG
August 27 Do redheads feel more pain?
August 21 Landmark Australian study on anaesthesia and young children
July 27 New device for weight loss and diabetes control discussed
July 26 Better pain focus at hospital helps cut stays by nearly 5 days
July 23 New book highlights the latest innovations in anaesthesia
July 11 ANZCA Bulletin out now: Ventilator inventor honoured; New anaesthetic allergy group; Helping in Dili
July 6 Healthy children at low risk from anaesthesia-related death
July 5 Is there a doctor on board? Responding to in-flight emergencies
June 15 Old drugs offer new uses for pain relief
May 16 $50,000 raised to save lives in developing countries
May 16 Perth anaesthetist and pain expert new ANZCA president
May 14 Oxytocin: the love hormone's new role in pain relief
May 13 Primordial species could be the key to artificial blood
May 12 Post-operative nausea and vomiting: is there a genetic link?
May 11 Hypnosis in pain management
May 10 Revolutionary pain service leads the way on pain relief
May 10 Hibernating hummingbirds inspire new resuscitation fluid
May 8 More than 1300 anaesthetists to attend key meeting in Perth
April 23 Anaesthesia remains extremely safe
April 12 Boost for rural health with extra specialists trained
March 30 ANZCA Bulletin out now: ANZCA turns 20; NZ urged to adopt prescription opioid monitoring; Christchurch one year on - NZ release
March 30 ANZCA Bulletin out now: ANZCA turns 20; training Mongolian sceptics; NZ urged to adopt prescription opioid monitoring - Australian release
February 24 WA anaesthetic needle invention goes global
Sonoplex needle image / Ultrasound image
February 17 Chronic pain patients warned on drug withdrawal
February 15 Fewer deaths and overdoses to result from opioid tracking
February 15 Perioperative mortality review report welcomed
January 31 Lorelei Mason wins inaugural $5000 ANZCA media award
January 23 Genetics could be the key to anaesthetic awareness - Australian release
January 23 Genetics could be the key to anaesthetic awareness - NZ release
January 18 Health professionals urged to have greater empathy for patients


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