Media releases 2016

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December 21 Pain experts welcome new codeine restrictions
December 15 Anaesthetists join with surgeons to build respect
December 5 Anaesthetists win $4.8m grant to study whether ketamine prevents chronic pain after surgery
October 24 Drugs cut bleeding after open-heart surgery without triggering stroke: new study
October 14 National Anaesthesia Day - Dunedin Hospital display (NZ - Dunedin)
October 13 Breast cancer: can regional anaesthesia help prevent it returning? (Australia)
October 13 Can regional anaesthesia help prevent delirium? (Australia)
October 13 More patients are staying awake for serious surgery with regional anaesthesia (Australia)
October 13 Fewer side effects with regional anaesthesia for surgery (NZ)
October 13 Can regional anaesthesia reduce delirium after surgery? (NZ)
October 13  Can regional anaesthesia help stop breast cancer returning? (NZ)
October 6 The benefits of regional anaesthesia - hospital displays (NZ media alert)
September 16 Surgery for lower back pain can cripple, patients warned
September 16 New psychotherapy helps people deal with chronic pain
September 16 Buddhist-style ‘acceptance’ helps PTSD symptoms, research finds
September 15 Using human suffering to push for cannabis is ‘irresponsible’
September 15 Medicinal cannabis trials a danger to children and teens, expert warns
July 29 Sharing prescription opioids with others is risky, patients warned
June 24 Patients warned of anaphylaxis during surgery
June 3 'Painkiller' drugs linked to Prince's death do not work on chronic pain
May 4 High cost to delirium after surgery
May 4 Two new leaders for ANZCA and FPM
May 4 Spread of cancer may be prevented by good pain relief and use of morphine
May 3 Kind doctors have healthier patients​
May 3 Does ketamine prevent chronic pain after surgery?​
May 2

Honey-bees’ ‘waggle dance’ helps uncover the secrets of anaesthesia-induced jetlag

May 1 New technique revolutionises treatment for stroke
May 1 Exercise has more impact on health than diet
April 29 Pain is the hidden side of the obesity epidemic
April 29 New techniques help prevent chronic pain after surgery
March 4 Anaesthesia stories win $5000 ANZCA Media Award 
February 18 Can blood pressure medication stop breast cancer?  
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