Media releases 2017

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December 12 Breast cancer surgery and chronic pain: Who is at risk?
December 11 North West Regional Hospital (Tasmania) accreditation 
December 7 New chronic pain spinal fluid study may hold key to better treatment  
November 23 North West Regional Hospital (Tasmania) accreditation 
November 10  Environmental sustainability vital to better health and lower health costs
November 10 Climate smart anaesthetists for a better environment and improved health
November 9  New risk calculator makes surgery safer for NZ patients
November 9 How high risk patients avoid the surgery conveyor belt
November 2 Study reveals extent of cancer cases in hospital ICUs 
October  19 Leading medical groups call for tougher regulation of day surgery clinics
October 13 New campaign advises older patients on how best to prepare for their operation (AU)
October 13 New campaign advises older patients on how best to prepare for their operation (NZ)
October 13 ANZCA calls for debate about the benefits and risk of operations on older patients
October 16 How significant is your age as a predictor of recovery after an operation?
October 12 Anaesthetists call for frank discussions about risks as well as benefits of operating on older patients
October 10 Malignant hyperthermia very rare, say anaesthetists
October 9 Getting older affects your anaesthesia – hospital displays and information
September 23 Call for overhaul of pain medicine funding as more patients head for emergency departments
September 23 New Australian study to examine why some chronic pain patients won't listen to their doctor 
September 22 Call to re-educate patients, doctors about limits of opioids for chronic pain
September 20  Opioid abuse, voluntary assisted dying, on agenda of annual meeting of pain medicine experts 
September 5, 2017 Saving lives the goal of landmark safe surgery conference in Papua New Guinea 
August 25 Obese and elderly should quiz doctors about surgery: anaesthetists (NZ)
August 18 Pain experts call for codeine-free pain relief 
July 10 We need to talk about sugar
May 16 “Culture of blame’’ prompts action to combat stalking and harassment of public figures 
May 16 The power of suggestion: How small words can have a big impact on patients’ experiences
May 15 Anaesthetists at forefront of uncovering scientific fraudsters 
May 15 New Zealand patient safety expert calls for stronger collaboration in hospitals to protect patients
May 13 Ten more human senses may hold key to better patient outcomes
May 13 False hope driving claims medicinal cannabis is ‘magic pill’ for chronic pain relief
May 13

Study explores benefits of fit and healthy doctors on their patients

May 12 Searching for a solution to severe, distressing period pain
May 12 New pain management education resource for health professionals launched
May 11 Anaesthetists learn to ‘’think big’’ and explore the elephants in the room
March 20 Obese and elderly should quiz doctors about surgery: anaesthetists
March 16 Exercise best for back pain in pregnancy: expert
March 3 Pain medicine story wins $5000 ANZCA Media Award
February 7 College of anesthetists celebrates its 25th anniversary today
January 25 Helping patients take control: hoping for the best, planning for the rest
January 24 Persistent pain can affect half having major surgery: Global Year Against Pain After Surgery
January 18 Predicting which elderly patients will have serious disability after surgery: New study
January 17 Helping children recover from anaesthesia without distress: New study
January 9 Nicotine patches to help smokers cut risks of surgery: New study
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