National Anaesthesia Day 2018

Being under general anaesthesia is very different from sleeping. Your anaesthetist will actuallly be keeping you in a carefully controlled state of unconsciousness that stops you from being aware, feeling pain and forming memories. 

Anaesthesia is one of the greatest discoveries of modern medicine. And many of today’s operations, especially for the very young, very old or very ill would not be possible without it. 

Most of us have some idea of what to expect from a general anaesthetic. But what actually happens when your anaesthetist asks you to count backwards from 10? This short animated video answers some of the most commonly-asked questions about anaesthesia. 



Other resources

Check out our full range of anaesthesia factsheets about having anaesthetic procedures. They cover off everything from cosmetic surgery to having a baby.

And if you're an anaesthetist or other medical professional, don't forget to download your National Anaesthesia Day toolkit that can be printed off by patients or anaesthetists. 

What we're doing

ANZCA’s Communications team is available to support or discuss any initiative for National Anaesthesia Day. We will also be distributing media releases to newspapers, TV and radio stations throughout Australia and New Zealand, talking to our health and medical reporter contacts, and organising interviews between key college officers and the media.

If you would like any help or information, please email Media Manager Carolyn Jones or call +61 3 8517 5303 or +61 408 259 369. In New Zealand, please email NZ Communications Manager Adele Broadbent or call +64 4 499 1213 or +64 27 576 4644.

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