Fellows of ANZCA and the Faculty of Pain Medicine are among the most highly-regarded specialists in the world. Fellowship is only available to doctors who have met our rigorous training requirements, and actively participate in life-long learning through our educational activities and programs. The post-nominals FANZCA and FFPMANZCA indicate that the holder has not only met the requirements for admission to a professional organisation that has the highest aspirations for safe and high quality patient care.


ANZCA breaks new ground and sets high quality standards in anaesthesia in pain medicine for others, locally and overseas. Find out more about the benefits of fellowship here.



380x158-fanzca-logo-filler.pngThe College has designed the FANZCA logo, incorporating the coat of arms and the words "Fellows of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists" for use by all Fellows of the College. Access the logo and resources (password protected)  here.


Only members of ANZCA can use the FANZCA post-nominals and the FANZCA logo.


How to be involved with the College

There are several ways that Fellows can be involved in ANZCA activities to promote and support anaesthesia, to provide support, guidance and oversight to specialist trainees and its Fellows, including offering educational activities, the development of professional standards and representing the profession to government and to the community. Read about some of the ways you can be involved with the College here.


Continuing professional development

The ANZCA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program allows Fellows to maintain and update their skills and knowledge.  ANZCA sets the standards of CPD for Australia and New Zealand anaesthetists  by using proven and accepted educational standards, strategies and tools to assist Fellows to plan and participate in CPD. Visit the CPD website here.


Special interest groups

The special interest groups (SIGs) are jointly managed by ANZCA, the Australian Society of Anaesthetists and the New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists. Any anaesthetists with an interest in these areas can join together to study, report and develop educational events such as continuing medical education (CME) meetings on specific areas of anaesthesia. Visit the SIGS website here.


Supervisory roles

There are several ways that Fellows can assist in the training of ANZCA trainees, including as supervisors of training, regional education officers, workplace-based assessment assessors and specialised study unit assessors. Learn about the many College roles and committees here.


New Fellows

Upon completing all requirements of the ANZCA training program, trainees can apply for fellowship of the College. Trainees admitted to fellowship of ANZCA are entitled to place FANZCA after their names. Most trainees obtain their fellowship by examination, however it is possible to be elected to fellowship or receive an honorary fellowship. Learn more about how ANZCA supports and assists new Fellows here. More information about ANZCA fellowship is available here.



ANZCA strongly supports research via the Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine Foundation, which annually dedicates more than $800,000 to research, a figure that is growing each year. This is achieved via a significant contribution from ANZCA, an allocation from the foundation's  investment portfolio, and donations and contributions from the foundation’s generous donors and sponsors. Projects funded by the foundation play a supporting role in attracting grants from Australia’s major source of funding for medical research, the Australian Government's Medical Research Endowment Fund, which is administered by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC). In New Zealand, medical research funding is administered by the Health Research Council (HRC).  Learn more about research programs here.


Pay subscriptions

Click here to pay your subscription online. For further information, please contact the Fellowship Affairs Unit at the College on +61 3 9510 6299.



If you would like to provide feedback to the College please do so in accordance with the ANZCA Feedback Management Policy. Your feedback should be directed via the contact us



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