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ANZCA research information

ANZCA research information

ANZCA strongly supports research via the Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine Foundation, annually dedicating around $1million to research, a figure that is growing each year. This is achieved via ANZCA making a significant contribution each year to research.


A significant source of funding for medical research in Australia also comes from the Australian Government through the Medical Research Endowment Fund, which is administered by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC). In New Zealand, medical research funding is administered by the Health Research Council (HRC).

The NHMRC provides the opportunity for individuals or research teams to obtain support for research projects in all fields of public health, medicine and dentistry in Australia, through the Project Grant and Fellowship schemes. In New Zealand, the HRC serves an equivalent role.

The award of a Project Grant is ANZCA’s main avenue for the support of projects in biomedical research in universities, medical schools, hospitals and other research institutions. These schemes support work on problems that are capable of solution in a relatively short period of time. ANZCA aims to supplement, complement and in some cases act as an alternative to NHMRC/HRC.

ANZCA encourages applicants to also apply to HRC, NHMRC or to the appropriate body in their home country.

Applications for funding for the following year close on April 1 each year (or 5pm on the closest business day if April 1 is a weekend day).  From December 1 each year, guides and application forms for the following grants are available from the Research grant application forms and guides page.

  • Project Grant (including scholarship grant).
  • Novice Investigator Grant.
  • Simulation/Education Grant.
  • Academic Enhancement Grant

Applicants are strongly advised to read the ANZCA Research Grant Policy before completing the application form. Applicants are required to obtain a RegKey before submitting an application. The conditions and rules set out in the application and guide are adhered to very strictly.


The ANZCA Research Committee administers the grant process. 


Grant reporting requirements

Eligibility to apply for future funding will be contingent on complying with the reporting requirements of the ANZCA Grant Agreement Terms and Conditions. Unless otherwise specified, grants are awarded for the period of two calendar years following the year of the grant decision.  chief investigator A (CIA) may request in writing a time-only extension or roll-over of funds if the project is not completed at the end of the two year period.


Progress reports

In accordance with the ANZCA Grant Agreement Terms and Conditions, the CIA is required to forward a progress report to the College by September 1 in each year of the award.

Download Progress Report Form


Final reports

In accordance with the ANZCA Grant Agreement Terms and Conditions, the CIA is required to forward a final report to the College within three months of the completion of the project.

Download Final Report Form


Failure to provide progress or final reports by the due date may result in any funding for multi-year projects being withheld.  Any future funding requests by the CIA may not be considered.


Lodgement of the forms

The Progress Report Form and Final Report Form should be forwarded to the Research and Administration Coordinator at the College via email (


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