Benefits of fellowship

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ANZCA photo library

ANZCA has developed a photo library for Fellows' professional use, such as in slides and brochures. It will be added to over time. 


Click here to access the ANZCA photo library (password protected).


FANZCA: a badge of quality

Fellowship of ANZCA is an immediately recognised hallmark of a specialist of the highest professional standing. Only Fellows of ANZCA can use the post-nominals, FANZCA, which are recognised worldwide.


Fellowship is a symbol that the holder has not only met the requirements for admission to fellowship, but also remains a member in good standing with a professional organisation that has the highest aspirations for safe and high-quality patient care. Increasingly, ANZCA is the medical college that breaks new ground and sets standards for others, locally and overseas.


Only financial members of ANZCA can use the FANZCA post-nominals.



380x158-fanzca-logo-filler.pngA FANZCA logo has been developed for professional use by Fellows - on letterhead, business cards, in emails and for slide presentations - to instantly and professionally reflect quality. 


The logo incorporates the ANZCA coat of arms, developed when the College was formed. It is a symbol the ANZCA Council believes should be shared with every Fellow and displayed with pride. 


To access the FANZCA logo (password protected) please click here.


Safety and quality

Membership of ANZCA gives anaesthetists access to resources that ensure our patients receive care of the highest safety and quality. These include:

  • ANZCA professional documents that set the standards for what we do as well as communicate these standards to others.


Continuing professional development

Continuing professional development (CPD) is compulsory in Australia and New Zealand for registration. The College is the body that is charged by the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) and the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) to set CPD and practice standards. The College also provides a wide range of resources to support Fellows in their CPD, including:


Communications and publications

Our communications activities keep Fellows up-to-date and lift the profile of anaesthesia and pain medicine with policy makers and in the wider community. This work includes:



Behind the scenes, ANZCA Fellows, trainees and staff are working hard to maintain and build the status of our professions and minimise risk through:

  • Advocacy work at regional, national and international level.
  • Policy submissions to government and non-government bodies in Australia and New Zealand – more than 50 each year.
  • Meetings with policy makers, hospitals and consumer groups.
  • Support for anaesthesia and pain management services through overseas aid.
  • Workforce studies and reports in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Delivery of a workforce action plan with focus on enhanced data, advocacy and communication. The plan is outlined in the December 2013 ANZCA Bulletin (page 18) and the results of the inaugural graduate outcome survey can be found are in the March 2014 edition of the ANZCA Bulletin and the second survey results are published in the December 2014 edition.
  • Representation on international, national, state and local health organisations.
  • Support to those providing training in traditional and extended environments (the Specialist Training Program).
  • Handling of queries and complaints by patients.
  • Support for doctors' health and welfare.
  • Support for the Overseas Trained Specialist Anaesthetists Network (OTSAN).



The College supports research that results in evidence that changes clinical practice. This support includes:


ANZCA Library

The ANZCA Library provides access to a range of print and online resources, including books, journals, guides and databases, as well as specialist services to suit the clinical information needs of Fellows.


Training and assessment

The ANZCA training program ensures that Fellows will have colleagues who share the same goals of advancing anaesthesia and pain medicine, giving patients high quality care and contributing to fellowship. This includes:


Contributing to your College

There are many ways in which Fellows can contribute to the College. The College welcomes and provides support for such contributions. Further information is available here.


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