Benefits of fellowship

The college takes pride in supporting and advocating for our members through a variety of programs, services and government submissions. Members have access to educational resources, online learning, continuing professional development, and support for their health and wellbeing. 

Membership of ANZCA provides anaesthetists and specialist pain physicians with access to resources that ensure our patients receive care of the highest safety and quality. These include:

Continuing professional development (CPD) is an essential component of a doctor’s maintenance of skills and practice standards. ANZCA is accredited by the Australian Medical Council, and authorised by the New Zealand Medical Council, to set continuing professional development (CPD) standards. The college offers a world-class online CPD program, which includes a wide range of resources to support members in completing their CPD requirements, for example:

Our communication activities keep members up-to-date and lift the profile of anaesthesia and pain medicine with policy makers and in the wider community. This work includes Australasian Anaesthesia (the Blue Book), Acute Pain Management: Scientific Evidence, the quarterly ANZCA Bulletin, E-newsletters and through social media.

The ANZCA Library provides access to a wide range of print and online resources, including books, journals, guides and databases, as well as specialist services to suit the clinical information needs of members. Access to the library is available to members online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Fellowship of ANZCA and FPM are internationally recognised hallmarks of specialists of the highest professional standing.
Fellowship is a symbol that the holder has not only met the requirements for admission to fellowship, but also remains a member in good standing with a professional organisation that has the highest aspirations for safe and high-quality patient care. Increasingly, ANZCA is the medical college that breaks new ground and sets standards for others, locally and overseas.
The logo incorporates the ANZCA coat of arms, developed when the college was formed. It is a symbol the ANZCA Council believes should be shared with every fellow and displayed with pride. 



Only fellows of ANZCA can use the post-nominal FANZCA. To access the FANZCA logo (password protected) please click here.


Only fellows of FPM can use the post-nominal FFPMANZCA. To access the FFPMANZCA logo (password protected) please click here.

As part of our ongoing support of our members, ANZCA has engaged the professional services of Converge International – a confidential and independent counselling and coaching program, available to members 24/7. Resources for doctor’s health and wellbeing can also be accessed through the Welfare of Anaesthetists SIG page. 

The college supports the sustainable growth of a diverse, high quality and healthy anaesthesia and pain medicine workforce so all communities in Australia and New Zealand have access to high quality anaesthesia, pain medicine and perioperative services, provided by clinicians who are supported both personally and professionally. The college is committed to developing a health and wellbeing framework that supports our members, at every stage of their career, and provides guiding principles for future initiatives in this area.  The consultation period for the draft interim framework is now closed. Findings will be published on the website in the coming weeks. Please vist the doctor’s welfare webpage for more information. 

The college supports research that results in evidence that changes clinical practice. This support includes growing funds for clinical research through the ANZCA Research Foundation, the ANZCA research grant program, novice investigator support and the Gilbert Brown Prize for up-and-coming researchers.


ANZCA Clinical Trials Network conducts internationally recognised, multicentre randomised controlled trials and assists fellows and trainees with high quality survey research.

Behind the scenes, ANZCA fellows, trainees and staff are working hard to maintain and build the status of our professions and minimise risk through:

  • Regular meetings with policy makers, hospitals and consumer groups.

  • Policy submissions to government and non-government bodies in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Support to advocate for community development with a focus on Indigenous health and overseas aid.

  • Representation on international, national, state and local health organisations.

  • Support to those providing training in traditional and expanded settings (the Specialist Training Program).

  • Support for the Overseas Trained Specialist Anaesthetists Network (OTSAN).

  • Handling of queries and complaints by patients.

The Geoffrey Kaye Museum of Anaesthetic History is the largest and most diverse collection of its kind. It offers a unique opportunity to examine and understand the history of anaesthesia practice, particularly in Australia and New Zealand. The museum holds temporary exhibitions onsite and online, and a comprehensive collection for historical research. Members and visitors are welcome to contact the museum to arrange a tour. 

Use your college ID to access our photo library. It is continually updated for your professional use, such as in slides and brochures.

The college is only as strong as its members. Much of the work is undertaken by members on a volunteer basis. There are many ways in which fellows can contribute such as taking on training or examination roles, lecturing, facilitating educational activities, joining one of the various committees or joining a special interest group. The college welcomes and provides support for such contributors, as we work together for a safe and highly skilled specialty. 

We have recently partnered with Member Advantage, a leading provider of employee benefit programs, which offers our fellows, trainees and specialist international medical graduates a range of discounts and savings on a number of services, while at the same time benefiting anaesthesia and pain medicine research as commissions are channelled back to the ANZCA Research FoundationBenefits will include savings on a range of products such as dining, accommodation, leisure activities, adventure tours, airline lounge memberships, international money transfers, car rental, computers and many more.

If you have not already logged in for Member Advantage benefits and would like to join, please contact the ANZCA Research Foundation.



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