AHPRA audit information

AHPRA’s audit process

Fellows have contacted the ANZCA CPD unit for assistance with the AHPRA Audit requirements having been selected by AHPRA for audit purposes. As there has been some confusion regarding what should be submitted to AHPRA, the ANZCA CPD unit has contacted AHPRA to assist Fellows with these requests.

The CPD unit was able to clarify the Audit requirements for participants in the ANZCA CPD Program, which we have detailed for you below. 

Did you complete the 2014-2016 triennium?
The order of the AHPRA audit process
  1. Specialist is notified that they are being audited and asked to send in evidence of meeting the ANZCA Standard
  2. Fellow send in a list of their activities for review
  3. AHPRA review the activities, and will immediately accept activities that already had some form of verification from ANZCA, including:
    • Emergency response activities
    • ANZCA events or activities automatically awarded via TPS 
    • Journal reading up to 10 credits per year
    • Any activities from the “Activities” page of a Triennium Summary printout showing evidence in the “File Names of Evidence” column, as long as the name of the file clearly represents the activity it has been uploaded for. For example, a peer review activity evidence called “Peer review agreement form March 2016 ” would be immediately accepted without needing to see the actual document, whereas a file called “Document 1” or something similar, would not be immediately accepted and AHPRA would ask to see the evidence. 
  4. AHPRA will then request evidence for the specific activities that did not have evidence recorded against them or were not already verified by ANZCA.
  5. AHPRA will require evidence to verify the minimum requirement of the program, so if needed, may ask the Fellow for further evidence to verify up to the relevant activity/credit minimum requirement.
Collating your triennium records
If a participant in the 14-16 triennium uploaded their evidence to the portfolio, then they can download a copy of both their triennium summary, and all of their evidence on the Statement and Certificates page of their portfolio.  This will save time, as rather than collating all evidence again – Fellows can download it along with their triennium summary. 

2016 verification process
If Fellows were selected for the 2016 verification process by ANZCA, and successfully had their 2014-2016 triennium reviewed, all they need to do is submit a copy of the completion letter that was sent to them by the CPD Unit.  

Are you in the 2015-2017 or the 2016-2018 triennium?

If a Fellow is in the 2015-2017 or the 2016-2018 triennium, they should be able to  send in a Statement of Participation for 2016, and something that demonstrates what triennium they are currently participating in such as their previous trienniums Certificate of Compliance or a print out of their dashboard. AHPRA recognises that Fellows cannot be audited if they are still only part way through a triennium.

Do you still have questions?

If you have any questions about how to meet AHPRA’s audit requirements, please contact the ANZCA CPD Unit on +61 3 9510 6299 or at CPD@anzca.edu.au for assistance.
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