** Clinical audit of own practice or significant input into a group audit of practice*

Participants complete a systematic analysis of an area of practice to improve clinical care and/or health outcomes, or to confirm that current management is consistent with the current available evidence or accepted guidelines. An identified standard is used to measure current performance and outcomes are documented and discussed with a colleague. The process may be repeated on a regular basis (for example, every few years) in a cycle of continuing quality improvement. A clinical audit may involve one practitioner or a group of practitioners in single or multiple disciplines (for example, an anaesthetist and surgeon working together could jointly undertake an audit.


For resources on the conduct of the audit, refer to Appendix 10 or refer to the clinical audit templates for both anaesthesia and pain medicine published on the ANZCA website here.


Credits: 20 


Evidence: A summary of audit results (including topic and any comparative standards) plus contact details of the colleague with whom you discussed the results.


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