** Multi-source feedback (MsF)

The purpose of the multi-source feedback (MsF) is to guide improvement by asking colleagues and co-workers to identify attributes that can be developed further and/or addressed if suggested. 


Participants must obtain feedback from a minimum of six colleagues and co-workers with whom they work with on a regular basis. It is recommended that feedback responses be sought from another anaesthetist (where possible), a surgeon, an anaesthetic assistant (nurse/technician) and a trainee (if applicable). Participants may use a MsF form that is already in use within in their workplace. To be considered valid activity (for audit/verification purposes), the form must request feedback on a minimum of 15 attributes covering a range of behaviours included in the ANZCA Roles in Practice, which describe the attributes of a specialist anaesthetist (see Appendix 16). The form must incorporate items on clinical work, communication, teamwork, teaching and learning and professional aspects of their role as an anaesthetist or pain medicine  


An example of a MsF form that could be used for this activity is in Appendix 4A, Appendix 4DHM and Appendix 4PM. For guidelines on the administration of the multi-source feedback form, self-assessment and collation of the results, refer to Appendix 5A, Appendix 5DHM and Appendix 5PM.


Note that the specialist providing the MSF feedback can claim CPD credits in Knowledge and Skills under Review of ANZCA/FPM Fellows or trainees.


Credits: 20 


Evidence: A copy of the MsF form used plus a completed MsF Confidentiality and  CPD Verification Form (refer to Appendix 6). 






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