**Patient experience survey

The purpose of the patient experience survey or paediatric patient/parent satisfaction surveys is to obtain feedback from patients/parents on the care they received from their anaesthetist and the anaesthesia team, or their pain medicine specialist. There are a number of developed validated surveys that assess patient/parents satisfaction, however, participants must use a survey that has been developed specifically for the specialty of anaesthesia or pain medicine (as relevant). Specialists must obtain feedback from a minimum of 15 patients/parents who represent a good cross section of patients/parents from their everyday practice.  


For an example of a patient experience survey that could be used for this activity, refer to Appendix 1A for adult anaesthesia, Appendix 1AP for paediatric anaesthesia, Appendix 1DHM for diving hyperbaric medicine and Appendix 1PM for pain medicine. For guidelines on the administration of the patient experience survey, including the collation of results, refer to Appendix 2AAppendix 2AP, Appendix 2DHM and Appendix 2PM


Credits: 20 


Evidence: A copy of the survey used plus a completed Patient Experience Survey Confidentiality and CPD Verification Form (refer to Appendix 3).

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