** Peer review of practice

The purpose of the peer review of practice is for a participant to consider their practice including how they may improve in their role as an anaesthetist, with the help of a trusted colleague. Participants select a colleague to observe their practice over half a day and record observations. After the observation, the colleague uses observation notes to initiate a feedback discussion regarding various approaches to patient care. To be considered valid activity (for audit/verification), the observation form must prompt notes and discussion on a range of behaviours included in the ANZCA Roles in Practice, and therefore, as a minimum, incorporate items on patient management, communication, team work and list management. 


For an example of a peer review of practice form that could be used for this activity, refer to Appendix 7A, Appendix 7DHM, or Appendix 7PM


For guidelines on the conduct of the peer review of practice, refer to Appendix 8A, Appendix 8DHM or Appendix 8PM


Credits: 20, for both recipient and reviewer.


Evidence: A copy of the peer review of practice form used plus a completed Peer Review of Practice Agreement Form (refer to Appendix 9). 


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