Recognised emergency response activities

The activities listed below have all been recognised as suitable for the emergency responses category of the ANZCA CPD program. 


The delivery of course content has not been endorsed, accredited or assessed, the recognition is based on the provider confirming that the content meets the requirements outlined by the ANZCA CPD program. Should you have any concerns about the courses listed below, please contact the CEO via the CPD team.


Victoria New Zealand Queensland
Western Australia South Australia / Northern Territory New South Wales
 Australian Capital Territory Tasmania  Online 



Activity Course provider Recognition code
Anaphylaxis Perioperative Anaphylaxis Response eLearning Course ER-19-AN-064
Major haemorrhage  Bloodsafe eLearning Australia – critical bleeding ER-19-MH-016
Major haemorrhage Bloodsafe eLearning Australia – postpartum haemorrhage ER-19-MH-015



Activity Course provider Recognition code
Cardiac arrest Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre ER-19-CA-003
CICO Austin Health ER-19-CICO-005
CICO The Alfred Hospital ER-19-CICO-011
Cardiac arrest Royal Melbourne Hospital ER-19-CA-009
CICO Royal Melbourne Hospital ER-19-CICO-013
Major haemorrhage Royal Melbourne Hospital ER-19-MH-004
Anaphylaxis Royal Melbourne Hospital ER-19-AN-006
CICO Adult Retrieval Victoria ER-19-CICO-015
CICO Alfred Hospital ER-19-CICO-016
CICO Ballarat Health Services ER-19-CICO-017
Major haemorrhage Royal Melbourne Hospital - CRASH Course ER-19-MH-007
Cardiac arrest Royal Melbourne Hospital - CRASH Course ER-19-CA-015
Major haemorrhage Austin Hospital ER-19-MH-008
CICO Royal Melbourne Hospital - CRASH Course ER-19-CICO-020
Anaphylaxis Austin Hospital ER-19-AN-011
Major haemorrhage Northern Health ER-19-MH-010
Major haemorrhage Monash Health ER-19-MH-012
Cardiac arrest Monash Health Stimulation ER-19-CA-018
CICO Monash Health ER-19-CICO-023
Anaphylaxis Monash Health Stimulation ER-19-AN-013
Cardiac arrest Ballarat Health Services ER-19-CA-020
Cardiac arrest The Northern Hospital ER-19-CA-023
Cardiac arrest Austin Hospital ER-19-CA-026
Anaphylaxis ANZCA/ Victorian Regional Committee ER-19-AN-018
Cardiac arrest Royal Childrens Hospital ER-19-CA-028
CICO Latrobe Regional Hospital ER-19-CICO-036
Cardiac arrest Latrobe Regional Hospital ER-19-CA-030
CICO Monash Health ER-19-CICO-038
Cardiac arrest Northeast Health Wangaratta ER-19-CA-036
Cardiac arrest Royal Womens Hospital ER-19-CA-037
Major haemorrhage ETM (Emergency Trauma Management Course)  ER-19-MH-021
Cardiac arrest Critical Care Edcation Services ER-19-CA-039
Cardiac arrest Critical Care Edcation Services ER-19-CA-040
Anaphylaxis Frankston Hospital ER-19-AN-028
CICO Royal Children's Hospital ER-19-CICO-048
Anaphylaxis Royal Children's Hospital ER-19-AN-032
CICO Royal Children's Hospital ER-19-CICO-050
CICO St Vincents Hospital ER-19-CICO-051
Major haemorrhage St Vincents Hospital ER-19-MH-025
Cardiac arrest St Vincents Hospital ER-19-CA-046
Anaphylaxis St Vincents Hospital ER-19-AN-033
CICO St Vincents Hospital ER-19-CICO-052
CICO Epworth Hospital Richmond ER-19-CICO-060
Cardiac arrest APLS Australia ER-19-CA-055
Cardiac arrest -ALS1 Australian Resuscitation Council ER-19-CA-060
Cardiac arrest -ALS2 Australian Resuscitation Council ER-19-CA-061
CICO Northern Health ER-19-CICO-067
Anaphylaxis Northern Health ER-19-AN-040
Cardiac arrest Epworth Healthcare ER-19-CA-063
Anaphylaxis The Alfred Hospital ER-19-AN-042
Anaphylaxis Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre ER-19-AN-044
CICO Cabrini Hospital ER-19-CICO-078
Cardiac arrest Cabrini Hospital ER-19-CA-069
CICO Frankston Hospital ER-19-CICO-079
CICO Box Hill Hospital ER-19-CICO-083
Anaphylaxis Box Hill Hospital ER-19-AN-047
Cardiac arrest Eastern Health ER-19-CA-075
Cardiac arrest Mercy Hospital for Women ER-19-CA-077
CICO Western Hospital ER-19-CICO-089
Anaphylaxis Western Hospital ER-19-AN-053
Cardiac arrest Western Hospital ER-19-CA-079
Major haemorrhage Western Hospital ER-19-MH-038
CICO University Hospital Geelong ER-19-CICO-090
Cardiac arrest University Hospital Geelong ER-19-CA-080
Anaphylaxis Monash medical centre ER-19-AN-058
CICO Frankston Hospital ER-19-CICO-096
CICO St John of God Bendigo ER-19-CICO-100
Cardiac arrest Northeast Health Wangaratta ER-19-CA-093
CICO Northern Health ER-19-CICO-104
Cardiac arrest Alfred Hospital ER-19-CA-094
CICO Bendigo Health Care ER-19-CICO-108
Cardiac arrest Northern Health ER-19-CA-095
Major haemorrhage Box Hill Hospital ER-19-MH-044
ASBD Royal Melbourne Hospital ER-19-ASBD-002
CICO Bendigo Health Care ER-19-CICO-114
Cardiac arrest Epworth Richmond - ALS ER-19-CA-110
Cardiac arrest Austin Health - ALS ER-19-CA-113
CICO Adult Retrieval Victoria ER-19-CICO-131
Major haemorrhage Adult Retrieval Victoria ER-19-MH-055


New South Wales 

Activity Course provider Recognition code
Cardiac arrest Campbelltown Public Hospital ER-19-CA-001
Anaphylaxis Campbelltown Public Hospital ER-19-AN-001
CICO Campbelltown Public Hospital ER-19-CICO-001
Major haemorrhage Blacktown & Mr Druitt Hospitals ER-19-MH-001
CICO Central Coast Local Health District ER-19-CICO-010
Anaphylaxis Gosford Hospital ER-19-AN-005
CICO GSA-Hems, Aeromedical Services, NSW Ambulance ER-19-CICO-012
CICO Royal North Shore Hospital ER-19-CICO-014
Anaphylaxis Anaesthetic Allergy Service Royal North Shore Hospital ER-19-AN-008
Major haemorrhage RNSH Mas Casualty Trauma Training ER-19-MH-006
Anaphylaxis Westmead Childrens Hospital ER-19-AN-010
Cardiac arrest St Vincents Hospital ER-19-CA-016
CICO St Vincents Hospital ER-19-CICO-021
Major haemorrhage St Vincents Hospital ER-19-MH-009
Anaphylaxis St Vincents Hospital ER-19-AN-012
Cardiac arrest Blacktown & Mr Druitt Hospitals ER-19-CA-016
Major haemorrhage Westmead Hospital ER-19-MH-011
Anaphylaxis Sydney Anaesthetists ER-19-AN-014
Cardiac arrest North Shore Private Hospital ER-19-CA-019
CICO Prince of Wales Hospital ER-19-CICO-025
CICO Concord Repatriation General Hospital ER-19-CICO-029
CICO Northern Sydney Anaesthetic Research ER-19-CICO-033
Cardiac arrest Gosford Hospital ER-19-CA-027
Anaphylaxis Lismore Base Hospital ER-19-AN-019
CICO Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital ER-19-CICO-034
Anaphylaxis Nepean Private Hospital ER-19-AN-021
CICO Nepean Private Hospital ER-19-CICO-035
CICO Westmead Childrens Hospital ER-19-CICO-037
CICO Childrens Hospital At Westmead ER-19-CICO-035
Cardiac arrest Lismore Base Hospital ER-19-CA-029
Cardiac arrest Bankstown Lidcornbe Hospital ER-19-CA-033
Anaphylaxis The Tweed Hospital ER-19-AN-025
CICO Lismore Base Hospital ER-19-CICO-039
Major haemorrhage Lismore Base Hospital ER-19-MH-020
Major haemorrhage Sutherland Hospital ER-19-MH-022
Anaphylaxis Blacktown & Mr Druitt Hospitals ER-19-AN-027
CICO Royal Prince Alfred ER-19-CICO-053
Cardiac arrest Liverpool Hospital ER-19-CA-050
Cardiac arrest Orange Health Service ER-19-CA-051
Cardiac arrest Sydney Childrens & Prince of Wales Hospital ER-19-CA-052
Anaphylaxis Wollongong Hospital ER-19-AN-039
CICO Sutherland Hospital ER-19-CICO-069
Cardiac arrest Childrens Hospital at Westmead ER-19-CA-064
Major haemorrhage Royal North Shore Hospital ER-19-MH-033
Cardiac arrest Royal North Shore Hospital ER-19-CA-068
Anaphylaxis Royal North Shore Hospital ER-19-AN-043
CICO Royal North Shore Hospital ER-19-CICO-076
CICO Sydney Clinical Skills and SIM centre ER-19-CICO-077
Cardiac arrest Tweed Hospital ER-19-CA-071
Anaphylaxis Concord General Hospital ER-19-AN-048
CICO Westmead Hospital ER-19-CICO-084
Anaphylaxis Hunter New England Simulation Centre ER-19-AN-050
CICO Hunter New England Simulation Centre ER-19-CICO-085
Cardiac arrest Hunter New England Simulation Centre ER-19-CA-076
Major haemorrhage Hunter New England Simulation Centre ER-19-MH-034
CICO Bathurst Base Hospital ER-19-CICO-086
ASBD Kuala Lumpur ASM 2019 ER-19-ASBD-001
CICO Dubbo Base Hospital ER-19-CICO-088
Anaphylaxis Prince of Wales Private Hospital ER-19-AN-052
Major haemorrhage Westmead Hospital ER-19-MH-039
Anaphylaxis Westmead Hospital ER-19-AN-055
Cardiac arrest Westmead Hospital ER-19-CA-083
Anaphylaxis Westmead Hospital ER-19-AN-056
Major haemorrhage Westmead Hospital ER-19-MH-040
CICO Nepean Hospital ER-19-CICO-092
Cardiac arrest Macquarie University ER-19-CA-084
CICO Wagga Wagga Base Hospital ER-19-CICO-095
Cardiac arrest RPA Hospital ER-19-CA-090
CICO SPANZA Update Meeting ER-19-CICO-099
CICO Careflight   ER-19-CICO-101
Major haemorrhage Gosford Hospital ER-19-MH-045
CICO Wollongong Hospital ER-19-CICO-116
CICO Sydney Institute for Multidisplinary Simulation ER-19-CICO-120
Major haemorrhage Sydney Institute for Multidisplinary Simulation ER-19-MH-048
Anaphylaxis Sydney Institute for Multidisplinary Simulation ER-19-AN-068
Cardiac arrest Sydney Institute for Multidisplinary Simulation ER-19-CA-105
CICO The Tweed Hospital ER-19-CICO-064
Cardiac arrest Kids Simulation Australia - Westmead ER-19-CA-108
CICO Tamworth Hospital ER-19-CICO-124
Major haemorrhage Royal North Shore Hospital ER-19-MH-051
Anaphylaxis Orange Health Service ER-19-AN-070
Anaphylaxis Royal Prince Alfred Hospital ER-19-AN-071
Major haemorrhage Orange Health Service ER-19-MH-053
Cardiac arrest St George Hospital ER-19-CA-112
CICO Sydney Medical center centre - Royal North shore hospital ER-19-CICO-130
Major Haemorrhage Westmead Hospital ER-19-MH-054



Activity Course provider Recognition code
CICO Hervey Bay Hospital ER-19-CICO-004
Cardiac arrest Princess Alexandra Hospital ER-19-CA-005
Major haemorrhage Wickham terrace anaesthesia ER-19-MH-002
Anaphylaxis Wickham terrace anaesthesia ER-19-AN-002
Anaphylaxis Lady Cilento Children's Hospital QLD ER-19-AN-003
Cardiac arrest Lady Cilento Children's Hospital QLD ER-19-CA-006
CICO Lady Cilento Children's Hospital QLD ER-19-CICO-007
Major hamorrhage Lady Cilento Children's Hospital QLD ER-19-MH-003
CICO Princess Alexandra Hospital ER-19-MH-003
Cardiac arrest Cairns Hospital ER-19-CA-008
Anaphylaxis Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital  ER-19-AN-011
CICO The Sunshine Coast University Hospital Campus ER-19-CICO-019
CICO The Townsville Hospital ER-19-CICO-022
Anaphylaxis Queen Elizabeth 2 Hospital ER-19-AN-015
CICO Queen Elizabeth 2 Hospital ER-19-CICO-024
Cardiac arrest Queen Elizabeth 2 Hospital ER-19-CA-021
CICO Royal Brisbane and Womens Hospital ER-19-CICO-026
Cardiac arrest Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health services ER-19-CA-023
Major haemorrhage Sunshine Coast Medical Education ER-19-MH-014
Cardiac arrest Royal Brisbane and Womens Hospital ER-19-CA-025
CICO Wickham Terrace Anaesthesia ER-19-CICO-031
Anaphylaxis Sunshine Coast Health and Hospital ER-19-AN-020
CICO Atherton Hospital ER-19-CICO-037
Major haemorrhage Atherton Hospital ER-19-MH-019
Anaphylaxis Atherton Hospital ER-19-AN-022
Cardiac arrest Atherton Hospital ER-19-CA-031
Anaphylaxis ANZAAG Anaesthetics Southern Queensland ER-19-AN-024
Cardiac arrest Gold Coast Hospital ER-19-CA-035
CICO The Townsville Hospital ER-19-CICO-040
CICO Wesley Anaesthesia & Pain Management ER-19-CICO-041
CICO Bundaberg Hospital ER-19-CICO-042
Cardiac arrest Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service ER-19-CA-045
Major haemorrhage Royal Brisbane and Womens Hospital ER-19-MH-026
CICO Gold Coast University Hospital ER-19-CICO-054
Cardiac arrest Downs Anaesthetic Practice ER-19-CA-048
CICO Downs Anaesthetic Practice ER-19-CICO-055
Major haemorrhage Royal Brisbane and Womens Hospital ER-19-MH-028
CICO Townsville Hospital ER-19-CICO-061
CICO Townsville ER-19-CICO-062
Cardiac arrest Townsville Hospital ER-19-CA-054
Cardiac arrest Logan Bayside Health Network ER-19-CA-059
Major haemorrhage The Prince Charles Hospital ER-19-MH-029
CICO The Prince Charles Hospital ER-19-CICO-065
CICO Cairns Hospital ER-19-CICO-066
Major haemorrhage Princess Alexandra Hospital ER-19-MH-031
Cardiac arrest Ipswitch General Hospital ER-19-CA-064
CICO Ipswitch General Hospital ER-19-CICO-072
Cardiac arrest Toowoomba base hopsital ER-19-CA-065
Major haemorrhage Royal Brisbane Womens Hospital ER-19-MH-032
CICO Logan Hospital QLD ER-19-CICO-074
Cardiac arrest Redcliffe Hospital ER-19-CA-072
Major haemorrhage Lady Cilento Childrens Hospital ER-19-MH-035
Anaphylaxis Lady Cilento Childrens Hospital ER-19-AN-051
Cardiac arrest Princess Aleandra Hospital ER-19-CA-082
CICO Paper Scalpel Rock ER-19-CICO-093
Anaphylaxis Paper Scalpel Rock ER-19-AN-057
Cardiac arrest Paper Scalpel Rock ER-19-CA-085
Anaphylaxis Mackay Hospital and Health Service ER-19-AN-062
Anaphylaxis RBWH - Clinical Skills Development Service ER-19-AN-066
CICO RBWH - Clinical Skills Development Service ER-19-CICO-114
Cardiac arrest RBWH - Clinical Skills Development Service ER-19-CA-098
Cardiac arrest Caboolture Hospital ER-19-CA-104
Anaphylaxis Caboolture Hospital ER-19-AN-067
CICO Caboolture Hospital ER-19-CICO-121
CICO Southport Anaesthetists ER-19-CICO-002
CICO Gold Coast University Hospital ER-19-CICO-123
Cardiac arrest Mater Hospital Brisbane ER-19-CA-109
Major haemorrhage Princess Alexandra Hospital ER-19-MH-050


South Australia / Northern Territory 

Activity Course provider Recognition code
Major haemorrhage Bloodsafe elearning Australia- Postpartum Haemorrhage ER-19-MH-015
Major haemorrhage Bloodsafe elearning Australia- critical bleeding ER-19-MH-016
Cardiac arrest Royal Adelaide Hospital ER-19-CA-032
CICO Lyell McEwin Hospital ER-19-CICO-044
Anaphylaxis Mount Gambier Hospital ER-19-AN-026
CICO Lyell McEwin Hospital - Rural South Australia ER-19-CICO-045
Anaphylaxis The Queen Elizabeth Hospital ER-19-AN-036
CICO Lyell McEwin Hospital ER-19-CICO-059
Anaphylaxis Cairns Hospital ER-19-AN-041
Cardiac arrest Flinders Medical Centre ER-19-CA-067
CICO Flinders Medical Centre ER-19-CICO-075
Cardiac arrest Lyell McEwin Hospital ER-19-CA-070
Anaphylaxis Specialist Anaesthetic Services ER-19-AN-046
Cardiac arrest Adelaide Aanesthetic Services ER-19-CA-074
Anaphylaxis Royal Darwin Hospital ER-19-AN-065
Cardiac arrest Royal Darwin Hospital ER-19-CA-096
CICO Queen Elizabeth Hospital ER-19-CICO-113
Cardiac arrest Royal Darwin Hospital - ACLS ER-19-CA-099
Anaphylaxis Flinders Medical Centre ER-19-AN-070
Anaphylaxis Rural South Australia ER-19-AN-029
Anaphylaxis Lyell McEwin Hospital ER-19-AN-030


Western Australia

Activity Course provider Recognition code
CICO Perth Anaesthetic Group ER-19-CICO-003
Cardiac arrest Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital ER-19-CA-007
Anaphylaxis Fiona Stanley Hospital ER-19-AN-009
Major haemorrhage Fiona Stanley Hospital ER-19-MH-005
Cardiac arrest King Edward Memorial Hospital ER-19-CA-013
CICO Fiona Stanley Hospital ER-19-CICO-018
Cardiac arrest Fremantle Hospital ER-19-CA-014
Major haemorrhage Joondalup Health  Campus ER-19-MH-013
CICO Joondalup Health  Campus ER-19-CICO-032
Major haemorrhage King Edward Memorial Hospital ER-19-MH-018
Cardiac arrest Joondalup Health  Campus ER-19-CA-037
Cardiac arrest Rockingham General Hospital ER-19-CA-038
CICO Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital ER-19-CICO-046
CICO Fiona Stanley Hospital ER-19-CICO-047
Anaphylaxis Rockingham General ER-19-AN-034
Major haemorrhage Princess Margaret Childrens Hospital ER-19-MH-027
Anaphylaxis Princess Margaret Childrens Hospital ER-19-AN-035
Cardiac arrest Princess Margaret Childrens Hospital ER-19-CA-049
CICO Princess Margaret Childrens Hospital ER-19-CICO-056
CICO King Edward Memorial Hospital ER-19-CICO-057
Anaphylaxis SJOG Midland Hospital ER-19-AN-037
Cardiac arrest Saint John of God Midland ER-19-CA-056
Anaphylaxis Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital ER-19-AN-045
CICO Airway Cadaver Workshop of Western Australia (ACWA) ER-19-CICO-080
CICO Saint John of God Midland ER-19-CICO-081
Cardiac arrest Armadale Hospital ER-19-CA-078
Major haemorrhage St John of God Hospital ER-19-MH-041
Cardiac arrest WA ANZCA CME Committee ER-19-CA-088
Cardiac arrest Broome Hospital ER-19-CA-089
Cardiac arrest Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital ER-19-CA-091
Anaphylaxis Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital ER-19-AN-060
Major haemorrhage Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital ER-19-MH-042
CICO Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital ER-19-CICO-098
Anaphylaxis Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital ER-19-AN-063
CICO Royal  Perth Hospital ER-19-CICO-106
CICO Royal  Perth Hospital ER-19-CICO-110
CICO Royal Perth Hospital (for instructor accreditation) ER-19-CICO-111
Cardiac arrest Fiona Stanley Hospital - CALS ANZ ER-19-CA-097
CICO Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital ER-19-CICO-117
Cardiac arrest Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital ER-19-CA-102
Major haemorrhage King Edward Memorial Hospital ER-19-MH-038


Australian Capital Territory

Activity Course provider Recognition code
Anaphylaxis The Canberra Hospital/Calvary Public Hospital ER-19-AN-031
CICO Calvery Hospital ER-19-CICO-094
Cardiac arrest The Canberra Hospital ER-19-CA-101



Activity Course provider Recognition code
Anaphylaxis Royal Hobart Hospital ER-19-AN-007
CICO NWRH Burnie ER-19-CICO-028
Major haemorrhage Royal Hobart Hospital ER-19-MH-023
Cardiac arrest Rural Clinical School ER-19-CA-042
Cardiac arrest Royal Hobart Hospital ER-19-CA-043
Cardiac arrest Royal Hobart Hospital ER-19-CA-044
CICO Launceston General Hospital ER-19-CICO-105
Cardiac arrest Royal Hobart Hospital ER-19-CA-062


New Zealand

Activity Course provider Recognition code
Cardiac arrest Christchurch Hospital/University of Otago ER-19-CA-004
CICO Auckland city hospital ER-19-CICO-006
Anaphylaxis Middlemore Hospital ER-19-AN-004
CICO Palmerston North Hospital - MidCentral Health ER-19-CICO-009
Cardiac arrest Starship Children's Health ER-19-CA-010
Cardiac arrest New Zealand Resuscitation Council - ALS/ALCS ER-19-CA-011
Cardiac arrest Waikato Hospital ER-19-CA-012
Cardiac arrest Midcentral Health ER-19-CA-022
Anaphylaxis Midcentral Health ER-19-AN-016
CICO Wellington Hospital - Dept edu session ER-19-CICO-027
CICO Christchurch Hospital ER-19-CICO-028
Anaphylaxis Wellington Hospital ER-19-AN-017
CICO Wellington Hospital - Wetlab ER-19-CICO-036
Anaphylaxis Hutt Valley District Health Board ER-19-AN-023
Cardiac arrest Wanganui Hospital ER-19-CA-034
CICO Waikato District Health Board ER-19-CICO-043
CICO Definitive Surgical and Anaesthesia Trauma Course ER-19-CICO-049
Major haemorrhage Auckland City Hospital ER-19-MH-024
Cardiac arrest Middlemore Hospital ER-19-CA-047
CICO Wellington Hospital - EMAC ER-19-CICO-058
Cardiac arrest Lakes District Health Board ER-19-CA-053
Cardiac arrest Auckland City Hospital ER-19-CA-057
Cardiac arrest Wellington Hospital ER-19-CA-063
Anaphylaxis Starship Children's Health ER-19-AN-038
CICO Tauranga Hospital ER-19-CICO-070
CICO Taranaki Base Hospital ER-19-CICO-071
Cardiac arrest Clinical Skills Centre, Auckland City Hospital ER-19-CA-066
CICO Epsom Anaesthetic Group ER-19-CICO-073
Cardiac arrest University of Auckland ER-19-CA-073
CICO University of Auckland ER-19-CICO-082
Anaphylaxis Auckland City Hospital ER-19-AN-049
Cardiac arrest Wellington Hospital - EMAC ER-19-CA-086
Anaphylaxis Waikato DHB ER-19-AN-059
Major haemorrhage Wellington Regional Hospital ER-19-MH-866
Cardiac arrest Dunedin Public Hospital ER-19-CA-092
Major haemorrhage Christchurch Hospital ER-19-MH-043
Anaphylaxis Christchurch Hospital ER-19-AN-061
CICO Christchurch Hospital ER-19-CICO-102
CICO North Shore Hospital ER-19-CICO-107
CICO Dunedin Public Hospital ER-19-CICO-109
CICO Northland District Health Board ER-19-CICO-119
Anaphylaxis Dunedin Hospital, Southern District Health Board ER-19-AN-069
Cardiac arrest Waikato District Health Board ER-19-CA-002
CICO Annual Queenstown Update in Anaesthesia 2017 ER-19-CICO-063
Cardiac arrest Counties Manukau DHB ER-19-CA-111
CICO Christchurch Hospital ER-19-CICO-128


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