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CPD Portfolio

I have CPD activities pending confirmation, what do I need to do?

These activities have been allocated into your CPD portfolio either by the Training Portfolio System (TPS) or by ANZCA after you have attended an ANZCA run event. These activities need your acknowledgment before they will appear in your list of completed activities. You have the ability to confirm, edit or delete each activity.


Do I have to add evidence for my CPD activities?

No, this feature is optional. Saving evidence into your portfolio as you add in activities may make any future audit process easier for you, as the CPD Unit will be able to access the evidencedirectly.  


What are the file types and size limits to the evidence that can be uploaded into the portfolio?

Individual files can be up to 5MB, multiple files can be attached for a single activity up to 30MB collectively.


The following file types can be saved within the portfolio:








I am having trouble saving activities, how do I fix this?

This may be related to the web browser you are using.  Please ensure that you are using one of the following browsers/versions:


  Internet Explorer: 10

  Firefox: 25, 24

  Chrome: 31, 30

  Safari: 7, 6, 5

  Opera: 18


If you are using one of the above browsers/versions, and you are still experiencing any difficulties with the portfolio, please contact the CPD Unit for assistance on +61 3 9510 6299. 


How can I access a record of my previous CPD trienniums?

The CPD portfolio contains a record of all previous trienniums, including a copy of previous Certificates of completion, your plan and evaluation, and a list of all activities entered.  You can access these records via the Statements and certificates section of your portfolio. 


Where can I find my statements and certificates?

Provided the relevant requirements have been met, both the Statement of participation and the Certificate of compliance can be accessed via the portfolio dashboard in the Milestones area, or via the Statements and certificates section of the portfolio.


Is there a CPD app I can download?

No, the CPD portfolio is a web based application that will change in diplay based on the devise you use to access it. Please ensure that you are using an appropriate web browser and version when using the CPD portfolio on your smartphone. 


Why can't I upload an attachment?

This may be caused by using an internet browser that is not fully compatible with the CPD portfolio, even a minor update to your browser can cause this and some browsers will update automatically.

If you are experiencing problems with this, please try using a different device or browser to add this activity. Please ensure that you are using one of the following browsers/versions:


  Internet Explorer: 10

  Firefox: 25, 24

  Chrome: 31, 30

  Safari: 7, 6, 5

  Opera: 18


If you are using one of the above browsers/versions, and you are still experiencing any difficulties with the portfolio, please contact the CPD Unit for assistance on +61 3 9510 6299. 


What do I do if I don't know what category to add an activity under?

A detailed list of all current activities can be found in the CPD handbook, or on the 'Breakdown of CPD activities opage of the ANZCA website.  These description inclide details on how many credits each activity is worth along with what evidence is expected.

If you are still unsure as to what category an activity falls under, please contact the CPD unit for assistance.


CPD plan and Triennial evaluation

The CPD plan should be completed at the beginning of your triennium as your plan reflects what steps you intend to take during this time.Your Statements of participation and Certificate of compliance will not become available until all six questions of the CPD plan have been answered.


The Triennial evaluation helps you to assess your achievements and whether your learning needs and goals were met.  This will be your last step to successfully completing your triennium, and the evaluation will only become available to you in the final year of your triennium.  Your certificate of compliance will not become available to you until  all six questions have been completed.


Emergency response activities

I am organising an emergency response activity, how do I have this recognised so that participants can claim it in their CPD portfolio?

Submit recognition of suitability application for the relevant emergency response activity to the CPD Unit.  A description of the approval process, the application forms and a copy of each activities guideline is available here.


I am attending an emergency response course, what do I need to be able to claim this in my portfolio?

Only courses recognised as suitable by ANZCA can be claimed in the CPD portfolio.  The organiser of the emergency response course should have had the course recognised by ANZCA for inclusion in the ANZCA CPD program prior to it taking place, and should provide you with a recognition code, which you will need to be able to record the activity in your CPD portfolio.   

If you are unsure if a course you are interested in going to has been recognised as suitable by ANZCA, please contact your course facilitator or refer to the password protected list available on the ANZCA website here


What other resources are available to assist with learning about emergency responses?

A list of learning materials, including online resources and articles, has been compiled and is available here.  


Are any of the emergency response courses available on line?

An online module for the major haemorrhage emergency response activity is available via Bloodsafe elearning Australia's website.  A direct link to the module is available here.  The recognition code for this course is ER-14-MH-003, you will need to enter this code into your CPD portfolio to save the activity. All other approved Emergency response activities can be found here.


The emergency response activity I completed was part of an overseas conference, how can I claim this?

You may submit an application for recognition of the relevant emergency response course as an individual, and if it is approved, the CPD unit will supply you with a recognition code specifically for the activity you attended. 


Practice evaluation activities
Do I have to use the documents listed in the guidelines of the patient experience survey, multi-source feedback, and peer review of practice activities?

No, you are welcome to create your own versions of these supporting documents to cater to your own needs, provided  your own versions meet the guidelines for the relevant activity, which are located here


Provisional Fellow requirements

What are the CPD requirements as a Provisional Fellow?

As a Provisional Fellow, you are required to complete 60 credits worth of CPD activities during your Provisional Fellowship year.  These can consist of Practice evaluation and/or Knowledge and skills activities.  Provisional Fellow's are not required to complete the mandatory activities or the emergency response activities, however, they are required to complete their CPD plan.


Changing your type of practice

I have recently retired, or I am working in a non clinical role, what does this mean for my CPD triennium and requirements?

Participants who have changed their type of practice, may continue within the CPD program as a "non clinical" practitioner. Non clinical CPD requirements are the following:


  Complete your CPD plan

  Accrue 80 credits in the Knowledge and skills category

  Complete your triennial evaluation

  You will have an annual minimum requirement of 15 credits 


Taking leave from practice
I am going on maternity leave/extended leave from my role, how will this impact my CPD requirements?

As the CPD program now has annual and triennial minimum requirements, you may require special consideration for both types of minimums.  Please contact the CPD Unit to discuss your options on +61 3 9510 6299.



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