In response to recent events overseas and some queries from fellows, the CPD Committee has issued the following guidelines around recording, protection and disclosure of information.



  • ANZCA CPD program activities are formative, participatory exercises; they are not summative events with a pass/fail outcome.

  • All information regarding performance of participants (including ER activities) in the CPD program is confidential and must not be disclosed to a third party without the express written permission of the participant.

  • The extent of recording of details or notes containing outcomes or reflective information from completed professional development activities in the portfolio, is up to individual participants in the program.

  • In collecting and using any information, it is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that all privacy obligations are met and any necessary consent is obtained. Participants must ensure that their institutional privacy statement is followed and that any patient/individual has consented as per the hospital or private practice policy.

  • For activities in the program that relate to individual practice, the CPD program requires evidence of participation only, using the forms provided in the CPD portfolio. It does not require any record of performance or feedback from facilitators, peer reviewers or course directors.

  • Responses to questions in the CPD plan and triennial evaluation are not protected in Australia or New Zealand.

  • The Federal Department of Health currently grants Commonwealth Qualified Privilege (QP) to practice evaluation activities (practice review, multi-source feedback, morbidity and mortality, patient survey etc.) only.

  • All other activities (emergency response, knowledge and skills, planning and program evaluation activities) are not covered by QP.

  • Full details can be found here.

New Zealand
  • Participants in New Zealand should be aware that under section 54 of the Health Practitioner Competence Assurance Act 2003, the Minister of Health can grant protection of a quality assurance activity. The practice evaluation and emergency responses categories of the CPD program are currently registered as a Protected Quality Assurance Activity (PQAA).

If you have any further queries about the CPD program's qualified privilege (QP) or protected quality assurance activity (PQAA) please contact the CPD team at cpd@anzca.edu.au or on +61 3 9510 6299.
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