Once you have made the decision to retire there are a number of things you need to consider.

Practical information for retiring fellows

A "fully retired" fellow is a fellow who has ceased practising all forms of clinical medicine, medico-legal work and clinical support activities (such as administration, teaching and research). A retired fellow may or may not decide to maintain medical registration.

What you need to do if you are retiring:

Arrangements with Regulatory Bodies

MBA/AHPRA requirements - If you plan to occasionally see patients, be on medical committees or use your professional knowledge to work in management, administration, education, research or an advisory position in any way, you must retain your full specialist registration. 

If you wish to retire and not renew you medical registration you can select 'not to renew' on your reminder notice or ignore reminder notices.

MCNZ requirements - If you retire completely and do not renew your practising certificate, MCNZ suggests complete removal from the register. 

College subscription

Fully retired fellows are no longer required to pay an annual subscription fee yet can still enjoy many of the benefits listed below. Should you wish to notify the college of your retirement, please get in contact with membership services.

Retirement and continuing professional development

The requirements for participation in continuing professional development change upon retirement depending on your work status. 

Fellows who do not maintain their medical registration post-retirement do not need to participate in continuing professional development. 


Fellows who maintain their medical registration but retire from clinical practice can amend their participant status to non-clinical. Retired fellows who are not involved in direct patient care but work in any other capacity are required to achieve 80 credits across the triennium through participation in knowledge and skills activities. They are not required to complete practice evaluation or emergency response activities. An annual statement of participation will become available to retired fellows upon completion of the continuing professional development plan and 15 credits.


Retired fellows can continue participation as a clinical or non-interventional practice type should they wish without advising the college. 

Fellows who wish to alter their CPD participant status can contact the Continuing Professional Development unit via or on +61 3 9510 6299.

Application for retirement concession

Once you have decided to retire, you can either advise us in writing or complete an online concession application which can be found here. For any queries relating to your subscription concession application, please email


Benefits for retired fellows

The college gratefully acknowledges the contributions that retired fellows have made to the college and their profession and provides the following specific ongoing benefits for retired Fellows:


These benefits are in addition to the many benefits that continue to be provided when you retire. Many of these can be found here.


ANZCA's communications activities keep retired fellows up-to-date and lift the profile of anaesthesia and pain medicine with policy makers and in the wider community. This work includes:

Please contact ANZCA if you would like to change the communications that you receive.

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