Metoclopramide and neurological adverse events


The Therapeutic Goods Administration has advised that the product information for metoclopramide has been updated to include a new contraindication and changes to dosing and duration of use to reduce the risk of neurological adverse events.

Health professionals are advised of the risk of neurological adverse events, including extrapyramidal disorders and tardive dyskinesia, associated with the use of metoclopramide. A risk of rare cardiac conduction disorders has also been identified.

In response to these identified risks, the following changes have been made to the product information for prescription metoclopramide:

  • It is contraindicated for children aged under one year.
  • For young adults (aged under 20 years) and children over one year of age, it is only indicated as second-line therapy.
  • The total daily dosage, especially for children and young adults, should not normally exceed 0.5 mg/kg bodyweight, with a maximum of 30 mg daily.
  • The maximum dose for adults is 10 mg three times daily.
  • The maximum recommended treatment duration is now five days in all age groups.

Full details on this matter can be viewed here .

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