Philips IntelliVue Neuromuscular Transmission Patient cable

Philips IntelliVue Neuromuscular Transmission Patient cable (TGA ref# RC-2017-RN-00629-1) – potential for localised skin burn.
A small number of these cables may contain a localised isolation defect in the shielding of the acceleration sensor housing leading to localised heating and burns up to several millimetres in diameter.
All Philips NMT patient cables (p/n: 989803174581) manufactured between July 2012 and December 2015 are affected. Affected cables bear the CE mark with the suffix 0366 on the body. Cables with the CE mark and suffix 0123 are not affected, as these have already been modified and do not need to be replaced. This cable is used with the Philips intelliVue NMT module (Model: 865383 #K01).

Action to be taken is to immediately identify all affected cables and remove them from
service. These affected cable will be exchanged by Philips
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