Recall - Heparin and Lignocaine ampoules (Pfizer)

Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd, in consultation with the TGA, is undertaking a recall for product correction of one batch each of injectable Heparin and Lignocaine supplied in blister packs of 50 ampoules, as one box intended for Heparin ampoules has been found to contain Lignocaine ampoules. Both products are subject to this consumer level recall action for the one affected batch of each.

HEPARIN SODIUM 5000IU/5mL (porcine mucous) injection ampoule – 
AUST R 49232 (Pfizer product code: PF_02112115) 
Batch: A473, Expiry: February 2019 

LIGNOCAINE HYDROCHLORIDE 1% (50mg/5mL) injection BP ampoule​ –
AUST R 49296 (Pfizer product code: PF_0166452) 
Batch: A313, Expiry: November 2017 

For more information please refer to the TGA Website.
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