Safety and quality committees and portfolios

The following groups work towards improving safety and quality in anaesthesia.


ANZCA Safety and Quality Committee 

The ANZCA Safety and Quality Committee implements ANZCA policy, provides advice to the ANZCA Council, and co-ordinates and promotes safety and quality activities.


In addition to the committee and sub-committees below, the Safety and Quality Committee comprises three portfolios. It provides reviews and comments on draft documentation from a variety of organisations and collaborates on projects including WHO Safe Surgery Saves Lives, Parenteral Medicines, and the Fluid and Lines Labelling Project. 


Communication/Liaison portfolio

This portfolio is responsible for organising content in the quality and safety section of the ANZCA Bulletin and the ANZCA E-Newsletter.


The portfolio manager reviews anaesthesia-related alerts and warnings sent to ANZCA, including alerts about related medical devices. These alerts and warnings come from sources such as fellows of ANZCA and other colleges, manufacturers and health organisations. To send an alert to the Safety and Quality Committee, please email the Safety and Advocacy unit.


Clinical Indicators portfolio

The Clinical Indicators portfolio has two members of the Safety and Quality Committee who are involved in the review of the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards, Anaesthesia Clinical Standards. 


Evidence-Based Medicine portfilio

The Evidence-Based Medicine portfolio is involved in the development and review of the College's professional documents in line with A01 Policy for the Development and Review of Professional Documents, which are related to quality and safety. This can involve leading the development of new professional documents.


Mortality Sub-Committee

The ANZCA Mortality Sub-Committee was developed as a collaboration between the chairs of established anaesthetic mortality committees in Australia and New Zealand, under the auspices of ANZCA.


Australian and New Zealand Tripartite Anaesthetic Data Committee

The mission of the Australian and New Zealand Tripartite Anaesthetic Data Committee (ANZTADC) is to improve the safety and quality of anaesthesia for patients in Australia and New Zealand by providing an enduring capability to capture, analyse and share information about incidents (de-identified) relative to the safety and quality of anaesthesia in Australia and New Zealand. This is achieved through the webAIRS online reporting system. 


Anaesthetic Allergy Sub-Committee

The Anaesthetic Allergy Sub-Committee works closely with the Australian and New Zealand Anaesthetic Allergy Group (ANZAAG) an inter-collegiate group consisting of specialist anaesthetists, immunologists and technical laboratory specialists.  The Anaesthetic Allergy Sub-Committee provides expert advice to the ANZCA Safety and Quality Committee on issues related to perioperative allergy.
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