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The Medical Education Special Interest Group (SIG) was formed in 1999 by ANZCA fellows who wanted to further the interest of many of our fellows in medical education.  

As of 2017, the SIG had 1028 members across the ANZCA region. The main activities of the SIG include participation in the combined special interest group meeting each year, and also providing interesting speakers and content for a session at the ANZCA Annual Scientific Meeting and Australian Society of Anaesthetists National Scientific Congress each year.


Past Events

2018 Combined Communication, Education, Welfare and Leadership and Management SIG meeting
The combined SIG meeting was held on September 21 to 23, at the Byron at Byron Resort and Spa, Byron Bay. The theme for the meeting was "Turning potential into performance" and was onvened by the Medical Education SIG. Please visit the meeting website for further information.


2017 Combined Communication, Education, Welfare and Leadership and Management SIG Meeting was held on October 27-29, 2017, Novotel Twin Waters, Sunshine Coast, Queensland
The theme for the meeting was "Confident competence - creating and maintaining our abilities" and was convened by the Welfare SIG. Please visit the meeting website for further information.

2016 Combined Communication, Education, Management and Welfare SIG Meeting

October 7-9, 2016, Novotel Sydney Manly Pacific, NSW. 

To view presentation slides from the meeting, please visit the meeting website.


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If you would like information on joining the Medical Education SIG, please download an application form or contact the SIG Coordinator via Email or Phone +61 3 9510 6299.


Merger with the Simulation SIG

In August 2013 the Simulation SIG and the Medical Education SIG merged to form a new SIG.

It was decided that the Simulation SIG was established at a time when simulation was a new type of educational methodology, largely promoted by anaesthetists, and it was felt that the formation of a special interest group to promulgate the methodology was important to building it up and achieving success. This is no longer the case - simulation is now a well accepted educational tool, which has become mainstream and multidisciplinary. It no longer needs to be specifically promoted and can be encompassed under the broader umbrella of ‘medical education’.



The Executive of the Medical Education SIG meets regularly, usually via teleconference to discuss matters related to the group's area of interest.


Position Name Region
Chair Professor Jenny Weller NZ
Member Dr Neroli Chadderton NZ
Member Professor Kirsty Forrest Qld
Member Dr Gerri Khong NSW
Member Dr Bridget Langley Vic
Member Dr Peter Roessler Vic
Member Dr Nav Sidhu NZ
Member Dr Maryann Turner Qld
Member Dr Rob Marr NSW
Member Dr Tim Hodgson Qld
Member Dr Kara Allen Vic
Member Dr Tim Suharto NSW


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