Neuroanaesthesia SIG


The Neuroanaesthesia Special Interest Group (SIG) exists to foster interest in matters relating to the perioperative care and anaesthesia of patients with intracranial and spinal pathology. This includes the application of basic and translational science relevant to clinical anaesthesia.

Most of this activity revolves around the Neuro SIG sessions at the ANZCA annual scientific meetings and Australian Society of Anaesthetists/New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists meetings. There is a three-day biennial Neuro SIG meeting that alternates between venues in Australia and New Zealand.


The SIG has elected representatives from each Australian state and one each from New Zealand and Hong Kong. They are available as a conduit for discussion of topics relevant to neuroanaesthesia for the ANZCA executive and any ANZCA Fellow or trainee.




2020 Neuroanaesthesia SIG Meeting

The Neuroanaesthesia SIG will hold a meeting on October 15, 2020 in Wellington, New Zealand.
Registrations will open in March 2020.

For further information, please contact the SIG secretariat. If you wish to view the program, please click here.


Past events

2019 Australian Society of Anaesthetists National Scientific Congress (NSC)
The Neuroanaesthesia SIG held a session at the 2019 ASA NSC. For further information please click here.

The Neuroanaesthesia SIG held a session at the 2019 ANZCA ASM. Please click here to visit the Virtual ASM.


2017 Joint Neuroanaesthesia and Trauma SIG Meeting
"Out of the box"
Held September 8-10, Byron at Byron Resort & Spa, Byron Bay.
Please visit the meeting webpage for more information.



February 2019
August 2018


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If you would like information on joining the Neuroanaesthesia SIG, please download an application form.

Executive committee

The executive committee of the Neuroanaesthesia SIG meets regularly, usually via teleconference, to discuss matters related to the group's area of interest.


Position Name Region
Chair Dr Veronica Gin NZ
Member Dr Dean Cowie Vic
Member Dr Nathan Harper NSW
Member Dr David Highton Qld
Member Dr Holger Holldack WA
Member Dr Shona Osborn SA
Member Dr Jim Troup Qld
Co-opted Dr Kathryn Hagen NZ
Co-opted Dr Nigel Robertson NZ


For further information, please contact Events or phone +61 3 9510 6299 or visit the ACE website.

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