Perioperative Medicine

Objective and aims

The Perioperative Medicine Special Interest Group (SIG) has three aims:
1. To improve patient safety and outcomes. 

2. To share knowledge and collaborate with specialty groups.

3. To develop the specialty of perioperative medicine with various craft groups.


2017 Perioperative Medicine SIG in association with The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
"Cancer surgery and perioperative medicine: Prehab to rehab”
November 2-4, Novotel Sydney Manly Pacific, Sydney

Registration for this meeting is now open. Please visit the meeting webpage for further details.


Past Events

The 5th Annual Australasian Symposium of Perioperative Medicine 2016

"The elderly surgical patient: What matters in the end"

Held October 20-22, 2016, Peppers Noosa Resort and Villas, Noosa, Queensland.

Please visit the meeting website to view the presentation slides.


The 4th Annual Australasian Symposium of Perioperative Medicine 2015

"The post-operative period: From recovery into the unknown"

Held October 15-17, 2015, Peppers Noosa Resort and Villas, Noosa, Queensland.

Please visit the meeting website to view the presentation slides.


2014 Perioperative Medicine SIG and College of Intensive Care Medicine (CICM) Meeting 

'Futile surgery: Avoiding unnecessary harm" 

Held September 12-13, 2014, Outrigger Little Hastings Street Resort and Spa, Noosa, Qld.

Please visit the meeting website to view the presentation slides.



Keep track of the latest resources in Perioperative Medicine with our new Library Guides.



Monash University and the Alfred Hospital Perioperative medicine short course and masters program:


• The short course provides a solid background to trainees and specialists who are looking to provide optimal care to patients in the perioperative period 


Mayo clinic annual ‘Overview of Perioperative Medicine’


The University of Melbourne Ultrasound workshops and courses






2016  Strategic meeting

In October 2016 a Perioperative Medicine Strategic Meeting was held in Noosa, Queensland.  The meeting bought together stakeholders across Australia and New Zealand with the goal of describing, discussing and beginning to solve some of the problems facing the delivery of medical care to surgical patients.  The attendees represented anaesthesia, intensive care, the college of physicians, palliative care, surgery, geriatrics, health service manages, academics, insurance funds and heath care innovations organisations.
Below is the document summarising this meeting.  A common theme throughout the document is collaboration both between specialities, primary care, patients and families. We believe it should serve as a basis from which Perioperative Medicine should develop in Australia and New Zealand. 
Please click here to view the document.


Fellowships for trainees

1.Perioperative Medicine and anaesthesia fellowship, The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne

Twelve-month fellowship provides trainees a solid ground in perioperative management of high-risk patients. Candidates will divide their clinical time between clinical medicine and anaesthesia.


Contact details:

Dr Jamie Smart

Supervisor of Training

Department of anaesthesia and perioperative medicine 

The Alfred hospital

Prahran, Melbourne

P:+ 61 3 9076 3176



2. Sir Charles Gairdner hospital Perioperative medicine fellowship

Six-month fellowship in perioperative medicine, including preoperative assessment and optimisation from elective outpatient to acute inpatient settings and management though the perioperative period. The department also offers training in focused point of care echocardiography, which may be complemented by a university certificate or diploma during the fellowship. This can be undertaken during the rostered non-clinical time. Prior fellows have combined this with 6 months of one of the other fellowships our department has to offer, or 6 months in the hospital's intensive care unit, which can be applied for separately.


Contact details:

Dr Matthew Brbich

Department of Anaesthesia

Sir Charles Gairdner hospital

Nedlands, Western Australia 6009

P: +61 8 9346 3011



3. Perioperative Medicine Fellowship, North Shore Hospital, Auckland.

Twelve-month fellowship with a focus on cardiopulmonary exercise testing, review of complex patients, preoperative anaesthetic assessment, research and clinical anaesthesia. Fellowships commence in the second week of December each year.


Contact details:

Dr Nav Sidhu

Dept of Anaesthesia & Perioperative Medicine

North Shore Hospital


P: +64 9 486 8900




Dr Jeremy Fernando

Chair, Perioperative Medicine SIG




Membership of the Perioperative Medicine SIG is open to Fellows, members of the ASA and NZSA. Fellows of other Colleges, practitioners and allied health professionals are encouraged to participate as associate members. To join the Perioperative Medicine SIG, please download an application form.







Dr Jeremy Fernando



Dr Vanessa Beavis 



Dr Dick Onlgey



A/Prof Ross Kerridge



Professor David Story



Dr Joel Symons



Dr Jill Van Acker



Dr Ming Loh


Trainee Representative

Dr Justin Nazareth 


Junior Trainee Representative

Dr Alexander McCann


The committee is currently looking for representation from NT, SA and Tas.


For further information contact Events or phone +61 3 9510 6299 or visit the ACE website.


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