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Thursday October 15, 2015

Global developments in perioperative medicine. A case study - "Why this meeting matters" - Dr Jeremy Fernando


The role of a perioperative anesthesiologist in complex patients presenting for surgery - Dr Kevin Froehlich


The role of general medicine in the modern tertiary hospital - Professor Don Campbell 


Friday October 16, 2015

Caring for complex patients beyond the OR - the intensive PACU - Dr Kevin Froehlich


Update in ICU for the non-intensivist - Dr Jeremy Fernando


Pain wars: The pre-emptive strike against latrogenecis associated with pain management - Dr Max Majedi


PBLD1: Perioperative anesthesia care beyond the OR - Dr Kevin Froehlich


PBLD5: Moving past 30 day mortality: What happens to the high risk patient who doesn't die? - Dr Nicola Broadbent (PART ONE)


PBLD5: Moving past 30 day mortality: What happens to the high risk patient who doesn't die? - Dr Nicola Broadbent (PART TWO)


Saturday October 17, 2015

Post-operative Troponin leak; is it really that important? - Dr David Smyth 


Updates from the literature - Professor David Story


Audits of surgical mortality: it's all about learning! - Dr John North


PBLD6: Challenges in perioperative care of the elderly patient - Dr Ming Loh


PBLD8: Frailty and the impact of bedrest on inpatients - Professor Don Campbell


PBLD10: Perioperative glucose control - why and how? - Dr Judy Killen


PBLD11: Perioperative outcomes and decision making: managing risk and uncertainty - Dr Joanna Sutherland


Supporting articles and documentation 

VADA OSA Orders - Dr Kevin Froehlich


VADA PBMP documents - Dr Kevin Froehlich


Mortality data summary of tools and papers resource document - Dr Nicola Broadbent


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